Yarn and Knitting Needles Address Label


This custom yarn and knitting needles address label template features a simple ball of yarn and knitting needles motif.

The yarn and needles aren’t uniformly colored, there are specks without the black. This effect lends a warm, handmade flavor that reminds us of a woodblock print or a nicely weathered wooden sign.

You can use two first names, your family name, a business name, or any other format that suits your needs. You can also change the style, color and size of the text, and the base color, too. The black color of the yarn and needles is the only thing that can’t be altered.

If you do change the font, you might need to change the size of the font as well, as different fonts take up different amounts of space. This is easy to adjust.

Create your own custom look with zazzle’s intuitive design tools and make this rustic yarn and knitting needles address label uniquely yours!