Wedding Save the Date Postcards

If you’re looking for wedding save the dates on a budget, postcards could be just what you’re looking for.

Wedding postcards, you say?!


While those two words were not often used together until recently, now that save the dates have become such a standard feature of the wedding stationary landscape, nary an eyelash is batted when this decidedly informal option is mentioned.

Yes, yes…..but…..are save the date postcards tacky?

Absolutely not. In fact, this format perfectly suits their status as a breezy way to uncork your joyful news and on a very practical level give your nearest and dearest a chance to keep your date free.

And being flat and postcard size, they’re more apt to win the battle for prime fridge space, too!

On the flip side,  it’s possible to go overboard in the formality department with save the dates, and that’s why so few folks choose a folded card, for example.

Wedding save the date postcards have lots of advantages, and being relatively inexpensive is just one of them.

There’s not much room for text, and that’s a good thing when you consider that a save the date invite in simply meant to inform someone they’re invited and to please set aside your date, with the basic location included as well. It also will likely mention that more details will follow, so that’s that.

Our save the date postcards typically feature a simple, modern look that works well on its own without a need to consider your theme, if indeed you’ve already chosen one.

We specialize in photo save the dates and your picture takes center stage.  So if you’ve narrowed your photo choice down to a few winners, you’re already almost there!

The details you provide on the front can easily be added to the back, so you don’t need to add any other save the date message unless you’d like to customize our template in this way.

And yes, they are affordable, on multiple counts.  The postcards themselves are typically less expensive than similar flat cards, and you’ll save on the cost of envelopes, too, since envelopes are not needed when sending postcards.

If you can accept the possibility of some getting dinged up to some extent in transit, it’s perfectly fine to send them on their own.

And envelopes would defeat the purpose of sending a postcard, especially as our flat cards include similar wording on back that makes coming up with your own message unnecessary, and would be a good choice if you do decide that an envelope is the way to go.

Finally, postcards will set you back less in postage, which can also really add up, especially if your guest list is on the plump side.

We hope these simply chic, modern wedding save the date postcards will inspire you with their crisp, contemporary style.

And our in-depth article featuring save the date ideas will give you lots of practical tips about how to use zazzle’s intuitive editing tools.

It’s also a great overview for general use in exploring your save the date design options, no matter where you order your invitations!

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