DIY Wedding Dress Cleaning and Storage

Attention, brides!

Are you considering DIY wedding dress cleaning and storage?

There is a secret that wedding gown preservation companies, your dry cleaner, and the owner of your bridal shop do not want you to know.

If your wedding dress is made of poly-satin (not Dupioni silk or the like), it is essentially a polyester blend, just like many of your blouses, and can be washed right at home using a standard washing machine and your own two hands.

And whether it is feasible for you to clean your wedding dress yourself or not, you can save a lot of money by getting creative about where you buy your wedding dress preservation box, so read on!

How to Clean a Wedding Dress

Follow these easy steps for simple, straightforward DIY wedding dress cleaning and storage:

Pre-treat any stains. The best chemical for treating stains on a polyester-satin blend is a chemical that many dry cleaners use, called pickering.

In fact, many bridal shops use it to eliminate any marks that may be on your dress from makeup or ink, right before they steam it.

If pickering is unavailable to you, brides may use an over-the-counter laundry stain remover, such as Spray ‘N’ Wash or similar products.

Do not use the stain pre-treatment that comes with at-home dry-cleaning kits unless you have first tested it in a non-visible area of the wedding dress.

Turn the wedding gown inside-out.

Re-zip or re-button the gown if it was necessary to unzip or unbutton it while turning the dress inside out.

Fill the tank of your washing machine 2/3 of the way full with tepid water. Tepid water is cooler than lukewarm water, but still not cold.

Stop the washing machine once the water has reached the appropriate level.
Add 1 cup of liquid Woolite or other delicate fabric wash to the water.

Arrange your dress in the washing machine tank. Push the dress down until it is fully saturated. Hand-agitate.

Allow your wedding gown to soak for 30 minutes. Hand-agitate again.

Run the spin cycle on your washing machine.

Refill the tank with water again, and gently hand-agitate your bridal gown some more.
Run the spin cycle on your washing machine a second time.

Remove your gown carefully from the tank. Hang your wedding dress on a sturdy hanger and leave to drip-dry. Do not run your wedding gown through the dryer.

Wedding Dress Storage

What sort of material makes a good box for wedding dress storage?

First, a bit about what you should avoid. Do not attempt to store your wedding dress in a plastic container or a regular cardboard box. These do not provide adequate protection.

In addition, plastic may cause damage to the detailed beading and lovely lace on your dress. Plastic should not touch the dress.

An acid-free storage box and acid-free tissue paper can be purchased at most hobby stores for just a fraction of what wedding dress preservation companies or bridal shops charge.

To provide further protection from dampness, you may choose to cover the outside of the box in plastic.

(Hint: Bridal shops send wedding gowns off to preservation companies or to specialty dry cleaners. It is rare for them to do preservation in-house. You may actually end up paying an additional fee by going through the store where you purchased your wedding gown.)

Store the box in a closet inside – never in an attic or garage, where the temperature can not be regulated.

And there you have it. DIY wedding dress cleaning and preservation is well worth considering, as long as you’re working with suitable dress fabric and are inclined to consider doing it yourself.

With some planning and attention to some basic points, you can save considerable expense and still clean and store your wedding gown, not only for the next generation, but for your own satisfaction as well!

Botanical Garden Wedding Ideas

Are you lost and overwhelmed by the countless options for wedding venues, caterers, decorators, locations, and pastry chefs available to you while you plan an upcoming fete? Consider these botanical garden wedding ideas and simplify the process.

If you are like so many other soon-to-be brides, the planning checklist can become so daunting that the actual event seems like a distant dream. Are you beginning to crumble under the pressure of planning the perfect wedding?

No need to worry any longer—the most relaxing, beautiful, and serene wedding event can be yours, with three simple words: botanical garden wedding.

That’s right, a garden event. This type of ceremony can be held any time of day or night, beautifully lit by pure sunshine, shimmering, draped swags of strand lights overhead, or the romantic twinkle of warm candlelight.

It combines the best elements of any event—fresh air, space to mingle, a blank canvas to allow your creativity to shine, and, to simplify things further, a beautifully adorned backdrop of natural elements.

Your options for colors are as wide and varied as nature’s own spectrum, and the décor can be as minimal or extravagant as you choose.

Imagine walking down a casual, unique aisle of cobblestone, a brick path interspersed with lush green grass, or a rustic sand path lined in grand logs or stones.

Envision hand-carved spiraling topiary or glowing lanterns hung from gently bowed branches at your side while you take your vows.

You could choose a setting near a cascading waterfall, amid a garden of tulips, surrounding a series of marble fountains, or even beneath towering trees draped with Spanish moss.

For a more festive and modern approach, imagine large, colorful paper lanterns held aloft in clusters, white ice cream parlor-style chairs, and tables lined with soft fabric that takes its color cues from the surroundings.

A botanical garden wedding allows you to include a variety of entertainment options, as well, including a three-piece band, small string quartet, solo pianist, the modern DJ, or even just enjoy the sweet symphony of chirping birds.

The botanical setting and its magical details are sure to impress and to leave quite an unforgettable impression among your guests, so don’t forget to send them home with a token of the event.

A local seedling, pressed flower, small carved stone, or a driftwood photo frame would make a perfect favor, as well as a handmade soy candle, organic tea, or even a small gardening tool or pot.

The sky is truly the limit at a botanical garden wedding. The occasion is sure to relax, inspire, and nourish your budding relationship, as well as delight your guests and fill them all with a renewed sense of wonder and awe.

Why not try this simple, elegant, and unforgettable approach at your wedding? It’s bound to be magnificent. And we hope these botanical garden wedding ideas spark your imagination and inspiration!

Black Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Brides who follow tradition often will opt to wear white, cream, or ivory. They may also select pastel shades for their bridesmaids and attendants. A bridal bouquet usually reflects these chosen color schemes. However, wedding trends constantly change, and not every bride wants a traditional color scheme. 

Many brides choose to veer away from tradition and opt for color schemes and themes that reflect their personalities. One of the more unusual and unexpected color schemes for your wedding is black. This dramatic color makes a statement and, combined with other colors, is a stunning choice for a wedding. 

One difficulty brides who choose a black color scheme face is designing the perfect bridal bouquet. Very few flowers are naturally black, and the few options available are often more expensive than other options. It makes it challenging to have a fresh floral bouquet in this color. However, you do have some other options, and here are some ideas for a black bouquet design.

So let’s explore some black bridal bouquet ideas!

Black Flower Bouquets

Although black flowers are rare, there are some options for bouquets. However, it may increase the price of your bouquet, and you may find it difficult to source some of the flowers. Also, not all the flowers described as black are true black. Up close, many are closer to very dark purples or reds. Some fresh black flowers include black roses, black petunias, black lilies, and black violas. 

Other Floral Bouquet Options

Although it’s difficult and expensive to use fresh black flowers, you can always use black-dyed dried flowers dyed or artificial black flowers. A florist can source almost any type of dried or artificial flowers in any color.

Look in bridal magazines for inspiration to give the florist some idea of the designs, shapes, and types of flowers you want. Meet with the florist to discuss your ideas, and they can advise you on their feasibility or make alternative suggestions to you.

If you have your heart set on fresh flowers, it’s easier and cheaper to use another color. Choose a contrasting color or another color you are using in your scheme. For example, opt for white flowers if you have a monochrome theme. You can add accents of black to your bouquet with lace, ribbon, feathers, or other black materials. 

Alternative Materials for Black Bouquets

There are no set rules saying every bride must have flowers in her bouquet. If you want to break away from tradition, you may prefer to use alternative materials to create a unique bouquet. There are many materials you can use as alternatives to real flowers. Examples include fabrics, plastic, sequins, lace, feathers, and ribbons. 

Another option is to have a bouquet made out of crystals and wiring. The sparkling crystals will add a touch of glamor and make your bridal bouquet a talking point. Many jewelry stores and bridal boutiques stock these or can refer you to a person who can create one to meet your specific requirements.

Other Wedding Flowers

You can continue the theme you have chosen for your bridal flowers to the rest of the wedding flowers, including the bridesmaids’ bouquets, buttonholes, and wedding venue decorations. 

There is no reason you can’t have a black bouquet for your big day, even though there are very few fresh black flowers. If you are willing to step away from wedding traditions and try something different from the norm, you can have the black bridal bouquet of your dreams to match your chosen wedding color scheme by using alternative materials. 

And when you expand your range of possibilities with these black bridal bouquet ideas, you’ll have an easier time coming upon the look that you love!

Blue Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable and unique. Her choices are also a reflection of her tastes and personality. One of the choices that a bride has to make is the color scheme for her wedding.

A popular option is blue because there are many possible shades available, from pastel blues such as sky blue and cornflower blue to darker shades such as navy blue and midnight blue. And deciding on the blue shoes and dress that best suit your style is just the beginning!

Whichever shade of blue she chooses, it is likely that she will want her bouquet to coordinate with the rest of her color scheme. Here are some blue bridal bouquet ideas to get you started.

Choosing Fresh Blue Flowers

One of the most traditional choices for a bridal bouquet is to have one made from fresh flowers. If you choose to have a bouquet in white, pink, or red, thousands of options are available. However, choosing blue as a color scheme means that you have fewer flower choices.

Many blue flowers come in paler shades of blue, and very dark shades are rarer. A florist can advise you on the available options to match the shade of blue that you want.  

Cornflowers and forget-me-nots are two pretty options, as are irises. However, irises are short-lived flowers once cut. Therefore, they are not the best choice if you want to preserve your bouquet after the wedding. The longevity of the flowers is another matter that you can discuss with your florist.

Your bouquet’s style and length may also reflect your choice of flowers. For example, if you want a posy style bouquet, flowers with a short, sturdy stem may be best. On the other hand, if you prefer a trailing bouquet, you may choose something with longer stems or larger flowers.  

Alternatives to Fresh Flowers

If you still want to have a floral bouquet but prefer not to have fresh flowers, you have several other options. Dried or artificial flowers are two of the most popular options. You can buy artificial flowers in shades to match your color scheme, and you can also get dried flowers dyed for a more accurate match to the specific shade of blue you require.

Blue Bridal Bouquet Ideas for Other Materials

Another option is to use different materials other than flowers to create the perfect blue bouquet. For example, you can use blue lace, fabric, or ribbon to create the posy of your dreams. If you do not want to have the whole bouquet made using one of these materials, you can use them as blue accents against white or cream flowers. 

Another alternative is to have a bridal bouquet made from blue crystals. Crystal bouquets are becoming increasingly popular, and many bridal boutiques now stock them. Finally, you can have a personal item that matches the shade of blue you have chosen as a centerpiece to your bouquet, whether this is flowers or made from alternative materials.  

These are just a few blue bridal bouquet ideas for a blue bouquet or adding blue accents to a differently colored bouquet using either flowers or alternative materials.

Whatever you choose should reflect the overall style of your big day. We hope this primer helps you to hone your focus and enjoy the process of making your special day magical.

And our post about creative wedding flower accents will give you more ideas about how flowers can more generally be used to create the atmosphere you’re after!

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Which Hand Does the Wedding Ring Go On?

When you’re planning a wedding there are numerous details to iron out, from which guests to invite to which colors to use for your decor. In the process, you’re sure to inquire about many things in order to eliminate unpleasant surprises on your big day.

But one detail brides and grooms often leave for the last minute (or forget about entirely) is a crucial one, and that is, which hand does the wedding ring go on?

The answer? It’s common practice in the United States and many other places to wear your wedding on your left hand, on your ring finger. But there’s no hard and fast rule, so it’s a matter of personal choice, ultimately.

That said, the moment at your wedding when your officiant tells you to put on your wedding ring is, needless to say, not the most opportune moment to consider this question for the first time!

If you’ve never worn a wedding ring before, there can be an embarrassingly fumbling moment where you wonder which hand your ring should go on. Most people know this but some don’t.

You can avoid embarrassment by knowing with confidence your answer to that question before you stand up in front of your family and friends on your big day. 

So which hand does the engagement ring go on?

As with the wedding ring, if you prefer to follow current convention in many countries, It should also be placed on your left hand, on your ring finger (next to your pinky). 

If you choose to follow this tradition, you can remember that your engagement ring goes on your left hand because it goes on the same side of your body as your heart.   

Before many people receive their wedding ring, they first receive an engagement ring, which symbolizes their commitment to marry their partner.

In Western culture, engagement rings are traditionally given only to the bride, but in many other cultures, brides and grooms both wear engagement rings as a promise to marry their partner.

But before you take your engagement ring selfie and blast it on your social media accounts, you want to ensure you have that ring placed on the correct hand. 

And in the context that we”re framing this, that means the hand of your choice, after considering various things including tradition and your own reasons for going with that or not.

When it’s time to swap your engagement ring out for a wedding ring, you may wonder whether the wedding ring goes on the same finger your engagement ring went on, or if it switches hands the way a tassel switches sides during graduation.

The answer? Just like the engagement ring, convention in many cultures often dictates your wedding ring should be placed on your left hand, on your ring finger.

Traditionally, you should move your engagement ring to your right hand just before the wedding ceremony so that your wedding band can be closest to your heart.

After the ceremony — and from then on — you can wear both rings on the left hand, with the wedding ring on the inside and the engagement ring on the outside.

And of course if you prefer to follow your own path, two rings offer give lots of possibilities in terms of wearing both on a certain finger of either hand, or on different fingers of the same or different hands, etc.!

What’s the significance of wearing the wedding ring on the left hand? 

The tradition of wearing your wedding band on the left is said to date back to the ancient Romans. They believed that there was a special vein — the Vena Amoris, or “vein of love” 
— that ran from the ring finger on the left side directly to the heart.

By encircling your left finger with a band — a circle that continues around forever without a break — you symbolize your infinite, endless love for your partner. 

Today, many couples continue the tradition left by the ancient Romans by celebrating weddings with rings worn on the same finger they dictated so long ago. 

But even if you don’t do as the Romans did, the sentiment behind their thinking is timeless and easily adapted to whatever choice you make.

Your engagement and wedding are milestones to celebrate. But when the celebrations are complete the music will fade, and the food will become a distant memory.

Your wedding ring, on the other hand, will remain, the one memento from your big day that you and your spouse will enjoy for the rest of your lives.

For this reason, wedding rings are one item that couples justifiably often splurge on. Just be sure, whether you follow the tradition of wearing your wedding ring on your left finger or not, that you come to your wedding day well prepared to offer one hand over the other without hesitation.

Then, you’ll be free to enjoy and savor the moment, along with all of the others in the years that follow in your journey together!

The Best Wedding Reception Songs for Dancing

What are the best wedding reception songs for dancing? If you’re planning a big party for a wedding reception or other event, the choice of music is one of the most important things to consider if you want your guests to have a good time.

You’ve thought about sound equipment hire and arranged a DJ or started making a playlist, but what if the dance floor is empty all night?

Fear not! Get the party started with one of these classics, each of which has its own dance moves to encourage people to get on their feet.

Cha Cha Slide – DJ Casper

A huge hit around the world in the early 2000s, the Cha Cha Slide is a reliable way to get your guests dancing, especially after a few glasses of bubbly. Not sure of the moves? No problem – the instructions are right there in the lyrics.

The Twist – Chubby Checker

This 1960 hit is pretty much guaranteed to be recognized by everyone present, no matter what their age. The dance is easy to do and parents, grandparents and kids will rush to get twisting.

Crank That (Soulja Boy) – Soulja Boy Tell’em

Would this have been such a success without the dance? It’s difficult to say. One thing is certain, though: those who know it won’t be able to resist once they hear those opening bars. Even if it’s been a while since you last did the dance, it’ll come right back to you.

Gangnam Style – PSY

One of the biggest things ever to come out of Korea, PSY’s K-pop smash had it’s own distinctive dance, as demonstrated by the man himself in the video. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to deny it’s a great party tune. The trick is getting people to admit that they know how to do the dance.

YMCA – Village People

This is an easy one – just make the shapes of the letters with your arms! Heard at weddings worldwide since it first appeared in the late 70s, the minimal movement needed for this one can be a good way to encourage even the most reluctant dancer to join in.

Locomotion – Kylie Minogue

Originally performed by Little Eva in 1962, the 80’s charm of Kylie’s version has made it the definitive version for many people. This is a great one to do in a line or circle, which means the shy ones among your guests are less likely to feel self-conscious.

Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

If you don’t know how to do the dance, you could always watch the movie. Listen along and you should get the hang of it, though. This is a fun, quirky addition to any party that has the potential to create some truly memorable moments.

Tragedy – Steps

The Steps version of this Bee Gees classic came with its very own dance. The distinctive hand movements are easy for anyone to do, so there’s no excuse for refusing to join in. It couldn’t be simpler to pick up.

Space these songs out throughout the night and you’ll have an effective way to keep the dancing going, ensuring everyone has a fun time.

Are these the best wedding reception songs for dancing? Admittedly, that is a subjective judgement!

But there’s no doubt that from within this list you’ll find a song or more that could be a great starting point for building up your perfect selection of songs.

A selection that gives everyone present an unforgettable time, no matter how old they are or what type of music they like best. So enjoy this fun part of planning your wedding reception, and your guests are sure to do their part!

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Setting up a Candy Buffet at Your Wedding

Setting up a candy buffet at your wedding or special event is a sweet way to treat your guests. A candy buffet can serve several purposes—as decorative centerpieces, favors and as dessert.

If you are interested in setting up a candy buffet at your wedding, keeping the following things in mind will help guide you.

Pick a candy buffet theme or color scheme

The first step in creating your candy buffet is to decide on a color scheme or theme.

Your color scheme can match your wedding’s theme or the season. For a fall wedding, for example, go for orange, green and chocolate candy. If you are having a summer wedding, orange, blue and yellow candy will really pop.

Choose your candy

Here’s the fun part. Remember being a kid in a candy shop? Now you get to do it all over again, in larger quantities than you ever even let yourself consider buying before!

These are the basic types of candy that you’ll use in your buffet:

  • Loose Candy
    This candy is sold in bulk, often by the pound. Loose candy can include gumballs, swizzle sticks, rock candy, sour balls, candy corn and jelly beans
  • Individually Wrapped Candy
    Popular candies include butter mints, small chocolates, peppermints and lollipops

And although a candy buffet or bar implies that it will be stocked with nothing but candy, don’t let yourself be limited by such notions.

It is after all your day, and when it comes to things like this, there are no rules! Who’s to say, for example, that you can’t make your candy buffet a snack buffet that includes prepackaged salty/savory snacks?

And for that matter, if you have a certain interest and feel that your guests will enjoy going with that flow, you should at least consider indulging that, at least on some level.

For example, if you have an affinity for something rather esoteric like dagashi Japanese snacks, then you might choose to include some of these, as a reflection of your personality and interests.

The best place to get your candy is at a wholesale candy supply company. You can order wholesale wedding rock candy, specialty sweets and chocolates for your display table.

Select your containers

Your containers are the most important part of the display. These are the first things your guests will see.

Make sure to use clear jars and containers to make everything visible. If you are using boxes, wrap them in decorative paper to make them both functional and ornamental.

How much candy should you buy?

One of the most common questions that brides ask when planning a candy buffet is how much candy to buy. There are some general guidelines that most candy wholesalers will recommend that will help you to plan your buffet.

Figure in:

-Eight ounces of candy per guest
-Two pieces of wrapped candy per guest
-Five pounds of bulk candy for every 10 guests

It is always a good idea to have extra candy on hand to avoid running out of candy midway through your event. You can also make up small goodie bags for your guests to take home and enjoy later.

Another important consideration when ordering candy is to give proper consideration to how your candy buffet will look. You might decide that the amount that will suffice as far as your guests’ appetites go is not enough to make for an attractive display.

This is where display candy comes in! This is extra candy that will be used for decoration. Use it to make your jars or other containers look fuller. Depending on the role you’d like your candy buffet to play in your special day, you might decide to purposefully order significantly more candy than you’ll actually need in order to create the look that you have in mind.

This of course could well necessitate finding good homes for the extra candy in the days or even weeks after your wedding day, but it will be a very pleasant task, as far as tasks go!

Don’t forget the scoops

Your guests will need a way to scoop up your delicious treats. Purchase scoops and bags so that your guests can easily take the candy and carry it with them. You can find decorative scoops and bags that match the theme of your candy buffet.

Planning a candy buffet for your wedding can be a tasty way to delight your guests on various levels. Use your buffet as decoration, dessert and as take home favors. Find the best candy, displays and accessories to create a candy buffet your guests will never forget!

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5 Classic and Stylish Groomsmen Gift Ideas

It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing gifts for your groomsmen. In this modern world of e-commerce where we’re deluged by choices about everything imaginable including myriad gifts for every occasion, this in itself is not surprising.

But the process of deciding what to give your groomsmen can sometimes be especially challenging for reasons having more to do with the nature of the occasion and your relationships with your groomsmen than with the burden of too much choice.

Just as your groomsmen have accepted their special role on your wedding day with pleasure, humility, good humor and a sense of responsibility, it’s natural and right that you both want to acknowledge them and what they mean to you with a gift that shows thought and caring.

‘It’s the thought that counts’ only goes so far in easing the self-imposed weight of choosing the ‘perfect’ gift, of course. That said, it does help to see that your groomsmen already likely consider themselves to be the recipients of a special gift, in that they were asked to play such a special role on a day that carries such meaning.

And bearing witness to your happiness and your spontaneous expressions of love and thanks on your wedding day and the days leading up to it has almost certainly been its own reward.

So now that some of the pressure has been lifted, it’s easier to consider the gift giving options. And the good news is that when it comes to gifts for this occasion, there are some classic, stylish choices that narrow down the range of possibilities nicely while still leaving lots of room for making a very personalized proclamation of your feelings.

A good gift to give a groomsman is something compact, useful, of high-quality, but not flashy or ostentatious.

It should be something that stands the test of time, just like your friendship. Not just in being well made, but in wearing well in terms of its styling, so that as years go by it won’t come to be seen as dated, of a moment in time when there was an ‘it’ item that inevitably fell out of favor.

The following classic gift ideas are all stylish and affordable, and will show how much you value your groomsmen’s commitment to making your big day such a special event. And they’ll do it in a way that will make it more likely that the recipients will treasure and use them for many years to come!

Engraved Hip Flask

This classic gift for your groomsmen is something every man will cherish. A high-quality hip flask shows good taste and can combine modern design with a traditional feel. The perfect gift, a hip flask offers something practical and beautiful to express your gratitude. 

For an extra flourish, personalize the flask by getting it engraved. Your choice of engraving could be a monogram, a line of thanks, a meaningful quotation, or the groomsman’s name.

Many offers include engraving included in the price, like this set of 6 stainless steel personalized hip flasks. It includes the option of adding flask funnels and/or gift boxes, which can make the whole process much easier once you get rolling.

It’s easy to overlook adding a funnel. But as you can imagine, its small size belies its utility when it comes time to fill the flask!

After thanking you when you present them with this gift, your groomsmen will almost surely thank you again for your forethought after they have a chance to put this to good use, without wasting any precious drops, either!

If the idea of such a gift box appeals to you, you can also explore embellishments like shot glasses and the like. But a simple flask and funnel gift set could likely be just the thing, a stellar combination of presentation, utility and customization.

Whiskey Decanter

With the same stylish appeal as a hip flask, but something which will perhaps have a more visible presence in the home, a crystal whiskey decanter is an elegant gift for your groomsmen.

Decanters are available in a wide range of styles and shapes, so you can choose one to suit the personality and tastes of an individual. As with the hip flask, the finishing touch is an engraving, a stylish flourish which shows your thoughtfulness, making this a gift he’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Quality Ties

A well-chosen tie makes an excellent gift. Pure silk is the fabric of choice. Choose a design which reflects the style and personality of the recipient. 

There are endless possibilities here to tailor your selection to the personality, style and interests of each groomsman. Just search using keywords that occur to you based on interests, favorite colors, patterns, etc. and you’ll be surprised by what pops up for your consideration.

Personal Grooming Combo

One thing all men have in common is facial hair. Whether your groomsman shaves clean and smooth, favors rugged-looking stubble, or sports a full hipster beard, a personal grooming combo and shaving kit is an unusual choice of gift.

Combined with either aftershave or scented beard oil, it’s an unique, stylish, and useful gift which your groomsmen will appreciated every day.

Personalized Visiting Card Case

A silver card case is a classic gift with enduring appeal. Whether for business or personal use, an engraved case is an attractive and useful gift which your friends will treasure. A nice touch is to include a printed thank you card inside to show your appreciation. Make each one personal to the individual groomsman.

Your groomsmen are your dearest friends and allies who have shown you unwavering support throughout your life. Now they stand by you as you embark on a major life change.

They’ll have worked hard for your happiness on this day and contributed significantly to your life’s journey, bringing you to the happy day you are about to celebrate.

They deserve more than a token gesture. Any of the five classic, stylish gift ideas described above will show how much you value and appreciate their friendship.

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Creative Wedding Flower Accent Ideas

Flowers are a big part of wedding decor, and every bride wants her floral arrangements to be special and memorable for her wedding party and guests.

These 14 creative wedding flower accent ideas will take your wedding decor to another level and add stunning details that are sure to delight everyone in attendance.

This is a diverse collection of possibilities, and even if something mentioned below doesn’t suit you to a T, it might just be the spark that leads you to an ‘aha!’ moment in your wedding planning adventure at some point soon after you finish reading!

Indoor tropical rainforest

This bold, dramatic look brings the outdoors into your ceremony space with huge floral arrangements as well as trees and even vines. Guests will feel like they’ve entered a magical, island garden when you surround them with greenery and tropical flowers.

Flowers in blocks of color

Choose several contrasting colors for your floral arrangements and then have them arranged in blocks. This can be done in individual floral displays like table centerpieces, or it can be on a larger scale with flowers placed down the aisle or as a backdrop to your ceremony.

Flowers as headpieces

Living hair accessories are a great choice for brides with a flair for a natural look. Flowers can be tucked into curls, worn as a headwrap, or used to decorate a veil.

Have your florist keep a stash of stems in water so you can freshen your flowers if they wilt during the festivities.

Living walls

Covering an entire wall with flowers and greenery creates a stunning view for guests. This kind of oversized arrangement is beautiful as a backdrop for pictures or to highlight your cake table.

Greenery can be full and soft or can trail down in romantic tendrils. You can also skip the greenery and just fill a wall with flower blossoms.

Pampas grass

Grasses were rarely seen at weddings in the past, but more brides are making this unusual choice to add a unique flair to ceremony and reception decorations.

Pampas grass is a tall plant with a puff of color at the top. It can be placed in vases along the aisle, around the room as a pretty detail, or it can even be used as a vertical centerpiece.

It is usually found in whites, purples, and pinks, making it the perfect option for a wedding.

Hanging garlands

Garlands of flowers are wonderful at a boho style wedding, and garlands of greenery make a beautiful addition to holiday bridal decor.

Hang garlands just about anywhere. They are perfect strung along the ceiling, winding around a stair railing, or draped on the backs of chairs. You can also add small stones or beads to your garlands for a touch of sparkle.

Mixtures of flowers and balloons

Balloons were once very popular at weddings, but over time they became a dated option. Now balloons are back to an extent but in a more sophisticated way.

Contemporary bridal balloons are often in soft shades, commonly pastels or metallics. They are typically used in arrangements that incorporate complementary flower arrangements rather than in bunches all by themselves.

Plants in wooden boxes

Don’t overlook planted flowers, especially when it comes to a wedding that celebrates nature. You can put plants in any type of container from whimsical to elegant, but a typical style is to arrange them in boxes full of dirt. Use large plants as focal pieces and smaller plants as accents on tables.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers are back in style for weddings, and they are particularly pretty at a vintage wedding among lacey dresses and decor.

Tie bunches of dried flowers together and hang them on the walls, or arrange dried flowers tied with twine as centerpieces. A bouquet of dried flowers looks amazing with a strand of pearls woven throughout.

Oversized floral chandelier

Decor that hangs dramatically down from the ceiling is popular at modern weddings, and a chandelier completely covered in flowers is absolutely breathtaking. Incorporate lights or crystals as romantic details to set the mood.

One single flower type

As a contrast to huge floral arrangements, some brides look for simplicity when it comes to wedding flowers. Choosing just one type of flower for the entire evening can be an elegant and beautiful statement.

The bride might carry a bouquet of red roses while each bridesmaid carries a single white rose. If you’re considering a simple, minimalist wedding ceremony, when it comes to how many different varieties of flowers you choose, less is often more!

Backdrop of dripping petals

Creating a backdrop for your ceremony is the perfect way to get fantastic pictures and bring your guests’ focus to the vows.

One way to use flowers as a backdrop is to string petals and hang them, so they look like they are showering down behind you. This can be set against a fabric covered wall or hanging from a structure on the ceiling or archway.

Floral armbands

A beautiful way to use flowers in your attire is to create floral armbands. This can take your boho wedding gown to the next level and is especially eye-catching when matching bands are placed on each bridesmaid.

Moon gates of flowers

A moon gate is a round structure that is typically made of stone. It is traditional for lovers to stand under a moon gate in places like Bermuda. The notion originally came from China hundreds of years ago.

You can have your florist create a moon gate of flowers that will bring magic to your ceremony as you stand underneath to say your vows. You don’t need to adhere to any particular tradition in this regard, you can use it for inspiration.

Because flowers represent beauty and romance, they are almost always included as part of a wedding. But it’s easy to miss chances to use flowers in ways that can surprise and delight your guests. We’ve mentioned just a small number of ways that flowers and other natural elements can add to your special day.

Take out a pen and paper or sit at your keyboard and let yourself just brainstorm, with a license to be free to just explore the possibilities.

Have fun incorporating flowers into your big day in a memorable way with these wedding flower accent ideas and let your imagination and inspiration lead you to the look that’s just right for the both of you!

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How to Pick the Right Wedding Tent

Picking the right wedding tent can be a bit daunting. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, incorporating an appropriate tent into your preparations can greatly enhance your special day.

There’s a lot to consider when picking a tent. If you choose one that is too small, your guests will be pushed outside, away from the tent’s shelter, and it’ll be difficult to move from one area to another.

On the other hand, if you pick a tent that’s too large, you’ll feel as though you spent more than was necessary. Let’s take a look at the most important factors to consider when selecting a tent for a wedding or for any other event, for that matter.

The Number of Guests

The top consideration is the number of people that will attend. Consider what you’d like to have beneath your tent. You’ll likely want tables, and possibly a bar, stage, dance floor and food tables.

You might also require space for accessories like a wedding cake, a beverage service station or a caterer’s prep station.

Take some time to think about all of the people and items that you’ll have to accommodate before you consider tents of varying sizes. 

If everyone sits at the standard sized 60″ round tables that fit tents the best, you’ll need about 100 square feet for every 8 guests.

If you decide that your guests should sit at long style tables, you’ll need about 80 square feet for every 8 guests.

For example, say that you have 150 guests. Divide that by 8 and you’ll need 18.75 round tables. Round up to 19 tables so that everyone has a seat.

This means that your event will require a tent that is at least 1,900 square feet the sum of 19 multiplied by 100.

Wedding Tents

If you need a tent for a wedding celebration, you’ll also likely need a head table.

Think about the number of people who will sit at the head table and divide it by 4 as this is how many 8′ tables will be required to create a head table.

The head table could take up 100 square feet. So, if your party has 12 people that will be seated at the head table, divide it by 4 and you’ll need 3 eight foot tables, which equates to an additional 300 square feet.

If your event requires a buffet table, your tent must have at least 100 square feet for the typical 8′ buffet table.

The same 100 square feet will be required for things like cake tables, DJ tables, gift tables and drink areas.

A tent that measures 20’x 40′ will accommodate about 100 theater style seats. This means that you can line up 100 rows of chairs separated by aisles. It can also accommodate 64 people when seated at circular tables.

A larger tent that measures 30’x 60′ should fit 200-plus theater style seats. Or, you can choose round tables and seat about 150 guests. If you’d prefer to use cafeteria style banquet tables that typically measure 8′, a 30’x 60′ tent will accommodate about 180 people.

Those who are having even larger events should consider a tent that is 40’x 55′ or 40’x 70′. These tents will accommodate a cake table, bar, buffet, dance floor and seat 120-150 people.

Choose Your Tent Wisely

These guidelines will help you determine exactly how much space you need before you go tent shopping.

Keep in mind that the estimates outlined above are bare minimums. Do not opt for a tent with less square footage than you estimate to be necessary.

If there’s a lack of space, guests will inevitably bump into one another and feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to tents for such a special day, it pays to take the time to consider all of the potential elements that you’ll include in your wedding celebration in order to accurately calculate what size tent you’ll need.

Then you can always add a bit of buffer in terms of size to cover any unanticipated space needs, without needlessly spending more than you need to for a wedding tent.

Picking the right wedding tent is easier when you’ve taken the time to visualize what will go under it and can estimate how much space you’ll need. So take the time to assess your needs and your tent planning will be much easier!

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