Modern Gold Wedding Guest Book w/ Photo


This simple, stylish modern gold wedding guest book features your names and date beneath your photo along with ‘WEDDING GUEST BOOK’ highlighted in an elegant gold tone called California Gold. You might choose to change the color of the ‘WEDDING GUEST BOOK’ text, or change the text to something else entirely.

The default text color for your names and date is black, but you can change this, and you can also change the font. We’ve left the back blank and set the background on the back as transparent, so that the basic color of the guest book’s cover simply serves as the base color. We’ve also done this on the front. You can change this and choose a color for the base on each side if you prefer.

Please don’t forget to edit the text on the book’s spine! It can be easy to overlook this.

We’ve made the sample names and date there black, but you can change this color and of course you can change the nature of those details-you might prefer to change the spine text to something like ‘OUR WEDDING GUEST BOOK’ or “BEST DAY EVER”, etc. in a color of your choice, for example.

Use the intuitive design tools, your favorite photo and your inspiration to make this simply chic modern gold wedding guest book uniquely yours!