Save the Date Magnet Template with Photo


This simple, chic photo wedding save the date magnet template features a clean, modern design with elegant script in white over the lower portion of your photo.It’s part of our save the date magnets collection on zazzle. It’s standard postcard size by default, 4.25″ x 5.6″.

We’ve added a gradated layer at the bottom to enhance this ‘Save the Date’ element of the card’s design, so that it will stand out more clearly. Having said this, the final look will depend on the photo you choose and how much contrast there is between the color at the bottom of your photo and this white script.

We have chosen a golden hue for your names, but there are numerous other golden and other tones you can chose instead by entering the color number of a color you like or simply choosing anther color by sight in the design tools.

Similarly, we have chosen a dark gray tone for the date and location info below your names, and you can change that color easily as well, to black if you prefer, for example, or any other tone.

You can also of course change the + symbol between names to ‘and’ or anther symbol if you’d like, or change the font of the text with your information.

Customize this modern wedding save the date magnet template with zazzle’s intuitive editing tools, your favorite photo and to your inspiration and make it uniquely yours.  And check our store for this design in postcard and flat card formats, too!