Gold Wedding Return Address Label


This chic gold wedding return address label works wonderfully with a variety of wedding themes. Note that the color option we’ve chosen for the address is a dark grey. This design is a nice match for wedding themes with golden accents, as well as general use.

You can change the color of any of the text-if for example you would prefer black for the address or any other color for the address or names, you can easily edit it. Try various hues, and you can always go back to the colors we’ve chosen in our example template.

To highlight your happy union, the + symbol between the two first names in the example text is a bit taller than the letters. And you’ll also notice there is no extra space between the symbol and the names, designed this way in the same spirit. But you might choose to make a space on either side for stylistic reasons.

And of course you can change the symbol between the names, as well as the font.

Use the intuitive zazzle design tools and your inspiration to customize this elegant gold wedding return address label and make it uniquely yours!