Square Birth Announcement Card w/ Gold Script


This simply stylish square birth announcement card features a contemporary look that is equally well suited to girls and boys.

We’ve picked rounded corners as the default shape setting, but you can easily change the look to sharp corners, as that look also works wonderfully with this design.

Beneath your photo we’ve added a simple ‘hello!’ in all lower case in a relaxed, modern script. We’ve highlighted it by making it an elegant gold tone that’s sometimes called California Gold. This element of the design can’t be altered.

The name on the front below that is in dark gray, but when you edit our sample text to show your baby’s name, you can easily also change that text color and font to suit your style.

We’ve set the background on both sides as transparent, to let the color of your paper simply serve as the base tone. You can change this on one or both sides by choosing a color instead.

On back, We’ve included a place for your baby’s full name again, also in the gold tone we used for ‘hello!’ on the front. When you edit this to show your baby’s name, you might decide to change the color of this text.

The stats below that are set as gray, but you can also change the color and font of this. Finally, at the bottom on back, we’ve added a line in script with a message of welcome and your names. This can also be edited for color and font to suit your style, and of course you can change the wording as well. In any case, please do remember to remove all of the placeholder and sample text on both sides as well as our sample photo!

The default paper type, matte, has a soft warmth to it and resists smudging, so it’s a great choice for writing your own message if you choose to delete some or all of our sample text on back without replacing it with your own. Or you can change the paper type to semi-gloss or one of zazzle’s other lovely styles.

Use the intuitive design tools, your favorite photo and your inspiration to personalize this simply stylish square birth announcement flat card and make it uniquely yours.  And check our modern birth announcement card collection on zazzle for more unique ways to welcome your new baby!