Boat Wedding Save the Date Postcard


This custom nautical theme boat wedding save the date postcard template features an anchor and your details with a navy blue border on a white base. It’s part of our nautical wedding collection on zazzle.

The anchor isn’t uniformly colored, which lends a warm, weathered look and handmade flavor that reminds us of a woodblock print or a wood carving. In fact, the illustration that inspired this design was originally made with a simple stamp, which accounts for its charm.

You might change ‘save the date’ to ‘save our date’ or something else of your choosing. You can also change the style and color of any of the text. We chose a default setting of a rather loose, relaxed style of script for the names. But there are many other fonts in the editing tools including lots of different scripts, so please experiment and you’re bound to find a script or other font that suits your style.

The ampersand ‘&’ symbol under your names and the anchor color on the front and back are the only elements that cannot be altered.

We chose a shade of deep navy blue that’s sometimes called dark sapphire for the names, anchor and border, and an elegant gold called California Gold for ‘save the date’ and your date and location on both sides. If you prefer a different color or colors, you can change this.

You can also change the border color from deep navy to something else, perhaps the same gold with the color number we used for some of the text. You might choose to change the font, color and size of the text.

You can also delete any text or other elements you don’t need. For example, you might not include website information, and you might delete the lines for the addressee’s details if you prefer a simpler look. You might change some text to suit your style, such as something other than ‘are getting married’, perhaps in favor of ‘are tying the knot’, etc.

Create your own custom look with zazzle’s intuitive design tools and your inspiration and make this boat wedding save the date postcard uniquely yours!

We also offer a similar version with a thinner navy border that doesn’t go to the edge of the design, and you can see it here.