Horizontal Save the Date Postcard w/ Photo


This simple, modern horizontal save the date postcard template can be customized easily to suit your taste.

On the front, you can change any of the text. You might play with various script fonts for your names, for example, as there is a wide selection to choose from in the zazzle editing tools. We have chosen to use just first names without ‘and’ or a symbol in between, to add to the uncluttered look.

Because the text is on top of the photo, whether it shows up well will depend on your photo, so you might find that some of your candidate photos work better than others in this format. Choosing the right photo with this sort of design is a big part of the process of personalizing a postcard of this sort.

On the back, You can also change the font and color and size of the other text to suit your taste. You might choose to delete something or change a text field entirely with a different message. Or you might decide to delete the lines for the addressee’s information if you prefer a more minimalist look, etc.

If you change the font of the script on the front, you might well decide to change the font of the sender’s name on the back where the return address is to match that. Or perhaps you’d like to change the sender’s name font on back to a block type font, not a script font.

We have followed the same basic format on the back as on the front, with just your first names. If you’d like to include a last name or names, you might consider adding that info with your return address info in the upper left corner on back, assuming that you would like to use your name(s) there. Otherwise, you might choose to use just first names.

Before choosing this design, you might consider our use of only first names and whether it suits your style or not.

This invite is part of our simple photo wedding save the date postcards collection on zazzle. The default paper type is semi-gloss, but matte finish is also an option. It’s 4.25″ x 5.6″ which qualifies it for USPS postcard size, for easy and economical mailing.

We hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with this simply chic horizontal save the date postcard template and make it uniquely yours with the editing tools, your favorite photo and your inspiration!