Burgundy Save the Date Invitation Card with Photo


This simply chic burgundy save the date invitation card template has a crisp, fresh minimalist design.It’s part of our save the date card collection on zazzle.

We’ve picked rounded corners for the default shape, but standard sharp corners also work wonderfully with this design, so try both looks in editing mode and see which grabs you!

The front features a lively modern Save the Date text in black below your photo, your first names in an elegant shade of burgundy and date and wedding location below that. This ‘save the date’ script can’t be altered. But you can change the color, size and font of any of the other text on either side.

Except for the names text on the front, the default text color on both sides is black.

You might choose to remove some text on back, and perhaps replace it with a different type of message of your choice. In any case, please do remember to remove all of our sample details, including the website info on the bottom on the back side!

The default setting on both sides is a transparent background, so the color will simply be the color of your paper. You can easily change the background color if you prefer a different look.

The default size is 5″ x 7″ and we’ve chosen matte as the default paper type, but you might prefer semi-gloss or another paper from zazzle’s selection. You can order your cards with or without white envelopes.

Use the intuitive design tools, your favorite photo and your inspiration to make this elegant burgundy save the date invitation card uniquely yours! We offer a selection of other designs that are variations on this modern minimalist theme, so please check our store for more inspirations, including this design with the names in other hues and also with all black text!