Cherry Blossom Pink Wedding Envelope


These cherry blossom pink wedding envelopes are pre-addressed and are perfect for %’ x &’ invitations. They’re easy to customize with your details. We refer to these envelopes as cherry blossom pink because the delicate pale hue that we’ve chosen is called ‘sakura iro’ in Japanese, literally cherry blossom color.

They’re a wonderful match with our cherry blossom motif wedding cards, but they also work well with a variety of other cards and occasions.

We’ve placed your return address on the back flap in an elegant tone with elements of gray and orange with your names in a very soft red, but you can easily change the text color to suit your style. In that case, you might see a color in the zazzle editing tools that you like, or if you have a specific tone in mind, you can enter that color’s number if you have it. You might chose to make all of the text the same color, etc.

You can also change the font, as there are lots of styles to choose from. We’ve chosen a simple, elegant font for your names, but you might prefer another look, as there are many fonts to choose from. You can also alter the size of the text.

Create your own custom look with the intuitive design tools and your inspiration and make this cherry blossom pink wedding envelope uniquely yours. And please check our Sakura Japanese Cherry Blossoms Wedding Collection in our zazzle store for cherry blossom wedding invites and other complementary items!