Envelope for Wedding Invitations w/ Return Address


These white pre-addressed envelopes for wedding invitations are easy to customize with your details.

They’re 5.25″ x 7.25″ and are prefect for 5″ x 7″ invitations and greeting cards.

We’ve placed your return address on the back flap in a standard black, but you can easily change the text color to suit your style. In that case, you might see a color in the editing tools that you like, or if you have a specific tone in mind, you can enter that color’s number if you have it.

You can also change the font, as there are lots of styles to choose from. We’ve chosen a simple, elegant font for your names, but you might prefer another look, as there are many fonts to choose from in zazzle’s lineup.

You might also choose to change the ‘+’ between your names to “AND’ or ‘&’, etc. You can also alter the size of the text.

Make these simply chic envelopes for wedding invitations uniquely yours with zazzle’s intuitive editing tools, and see our wedding envelope collection in our zazzle store for a more designs!