Elegant Wedding Thank You Card w/ Photo


This elegant wedding thank you card template features a chic handwriting script at the bottom of your photo.

For your names, we’ve chosen a tone known as ‘vegas gold’ and we have put lighter colors that are related to this hue on the back as the base and for the text. We chose these tones by entering color numbers in the color picker in the editing tools, and there are almost limitless shades in this spectrum and others you can choose, so please consider your own taste and experiment.

You might prefer, for example, a lighter, brighter tone, etc., or a completely different look. You can input any color codes that you find in your research and use the exact color that suits your needs.

You can change the font of any of the text, except for the ‘Thank You’ text in the photo field. You can change the format of the date if you prefer that info in a different order, without a comma, etc.

On the back, change the font style and size to suit your taste, experimenting as well with the line breaks, changing the margins to create more or less empty space on each end. Change the base and text color if you’d like, perhaps to colors that go with any change in color you make to the text on the front.

Delete the sample text on back and choose to leave it blank if you prefer a minimalist look or want to devote the back entirely to handwritten notes. In any case, please do remember to delete our placeholder text.

We hope you’ll enjoy customizing this simply elegant wedding thank you card template and make it uniquely yours!