Elegant Modern Wedding Thank You Card w/ Photo


This simple, elegant modern wedding thank you card template features a crisp minimalist design. You can change the shape to sharp rather than rounded corners if you prefer, as both looks work well with this design! It’s part of our wedding thank you card collection on zazzle.

We’ve chosen a stylish modern script for ‘thank you’ on the front. We’ve positioned this part of the design so that it flows into the top of your photo. Our sample photo works well with this feature, as the photo has a simple light background at the top.

If your favorite photo isn’t as well suited to this overlap, or if you’re just curious about what a different version of this design looks like, please check our shop. We have a similar version with the ‘thank you’ positioned above the photo.

The ‘thank you’ part of the design can’t be altered. But you can change the color and font of any other text to suit your style. The default text color on the front is black. We’ve set the background on both sides as transparent, so that the base color will simply be the color of the paper. You can change this on one or both sides by choosing a color instead.

On back, we’ve added some placeholder text for you to replace with your own message. The default text color on back is dark gray, but you can change this if you prefer another color. After you delete our placeholder text, you might decide to simply leave the back blank, so that you can add a handwritten message with your signatures. In any case, please remember to remove all of the sample and placeholder text on both sides as well as our sample photo!

Use the intuitive design tools and your inspiration to personalize this elegant modern wedding thank you card, and please check our shop for more ideas!