Elegant Photo Wedding Thank You Postcard


This elegant photo wedding thank you postcard template features a clean, modern design. It’s part of our wedding thank you postcards collection on zazzle.

We’ve chosen an elegant gold tone called California Gold for Thank You on the front and Love and Thanks on the back. And your names and date on front are in black. But you can change the color of this or any other text or the font to suit your style.

On the back, you can also alter or delete the text as you choose. You might decide to delete the Love and Thanks message on the back, or change the wording, or the color.

Below that, we’ve put some placeholder text on the back for you to replace with your message. But please don’t feel restricted by this. If you prefer to make that portion of the back blank so that you can write a handwritten note on each card instead, you can do that. Just please be sure in any case to delete our placeholder text!

We’ve chosen an elegant dark gray for the return address and message text on back, but you can change the color to black or whatever you’d like. For an even simpler look, you might choose to delete the ‘deliver to’ or the lines for the addressee’s details.

We have not picked a default color for the background. Instead, the default is set to simply be the paper itself as a base color. You can change this by picking a color in the editing tools if you’d like.

Use zazzle’s intuitive design tools along with your inspiration and favorite photo to make this simply elegant photo wedding thank you postcard uniquely yours!