Wedding Thank You Note Card Gold Script


This simply elegant wedding thank you note card features ‘thank you’ is a chic modern script and it works wonderfully with a variety of occasions!

The ‘thank you’ element of the design cannot be altered. You can change the color or font or size of any of the other text. We’ve chosen a chic tone sometimes called California Gold(color A98F64) as the default setting for the other text on the front and inside the card.

We’ve put some placeholder text on the bottom inside flap for you to replace with your message. But please don’t feel restricted by this. If you prefer to make the inside totally blank so that you can write a handwritten note inside each card instead, you can do that. Just please be sure in any case to delete our sample text!

We have not picked a default color for the background on the front or inside. Instead, the default is set to simply be the paper itself as a base color. You can change this by picking a color in the editing tools if you’d like. Especially if you choose to keep the base as we have it now, showing the paper color itself, you might consider the type of paper you choose with special care, as a minimalist design like this puts the paper in a sharper focus, and zazzle’s matte finish to can add a feeling of softness and warmth. It is also well suited to hand written messages.

We hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with various aspects of this simply chic wedding thank you note card and make it uniquely yours with zazzle’s intuitive design tools.

We also offer this design in a flat card format, and we have other ‘thank you’ designs with a similar sensibility, so please check our shop for more inspirations!