Rustic Save the Date Magnet with Heart and Arrow


This charming heart and arrow motif rustic save the date magnet strikes us as a great example of a design that goes especially well with the product it’s paired with.
The relative thickness of this magnet compared to a save the date postcard gives a nice sense of depth that makes the wood look of the base really come alive.

Magnets like this are of course meant to be displayed, and that often means that they win a prominent place on the receiver’s fridge for some weeks or months.  And if the receiver is your mother, it may well never be removed!

So you’d better give this some serious thought 🙂

Great fonts here, with a warmth that goes well with the hand drawn look of the heart and cupid’s arrow that has pierced it.  It has us imagining an old barn where once upon a time two sweethearts memorialized their devotion, a love that has stood the test of time.

The initials in the heart are strikingly set apart in black from the surrounding white letters, and seem more authentic and suitably subtle and coy than names would have been here.

They convey a sense of warmth and intimacy, not only with the font, but in their unstated message to the receiver-‘we know when you see the initials inside this simple expression of devotion, you’ll understand at once who sent you this charming magnet!’

Along these same lines, you might also play with the notion of removing your first names from the details below the heart, depending somewhat on how many folks will be in attendance on your wedding day and such.

If you’re planning a country wedding or a similar understated affair with handmade accents, this  rustic save the date magnet is definitely worth a look.

The designer, RusticInvites, has created  a collection of other items with this design as well, so please pay a visit to their zazzle shop to see more.

WARNING: You might find yourself spending much more time on zazzle than you’d anticipated, thanks to the many talented artists and designers who offer unique and inspiring work there!