Gold Photo Couples Shower Welcome Sign


This simply chic gold photo couples shower welcome sign template features a clean, modern design with plenty of space for your favorite photo. It’s part of our wedding welcome sign collection on zazzle.

We’ve given this minimalist design a splash of panache with “Welcome’ above the photo in a flowing, whimsical, modern font that manages to be both elegant and fun at the same time. We love the lively, graceful arc of the ‘W’ as well as the stylized, elongated flourish at both ends of the word.

To highlight this aspect of the poster, we’ve chosen an elegant gold tone sometimes referred to as California Gold for the ‘Welcome’ part of the design in our example. But don’t let this stop you from experimenting with different colors for the “Welcome’ or for any other text in this design, for that matter.

You can also easily edit the text itself to suit your taste. You can change ‘Welcome’ to another greeting of your choice, change ‘to the wedding of’ to ‘to our wedding’ and you can delete the date details in favor of another message or a blank space where that line of text is, if you prefer.

You can also activate the black and white filter if you’d like to see how your color photo would look in black and white.

You’ll also have the chance to consider which paper type you’d like. Value poster paper(matte) is the default choice, but you can also choose poster paper(semi-gloss), archival heavyweight paper(matte), or premium canvas(gloss).

Zazzle also offers a wide range of standard and custom poster sizes to choose from and framing and matting options, so you can quickly and easily customize this welcome poster according to your needs.

Customize this gold photo couples shower welcome sign with the intuitive design tools and make it uniquely yours! We also offer this design already made for you featuring various other “Welcome’ colors, so please check our zazzle shop’s welcome sign collection for those and other wedding welcome posters, too.