Minimalist Save the Dates with Elegant Gold


These simply chic minimalist wedding save the dates in a flat card format feature an elegant, modern design. They’re part of our save the date cards collect ion on zazzle.

Are you looking for a digital save the date? In addition to the print option, this and our other save the date flat cards are now available as downloads, too!

The default card shape is a distinct 5.25″ x 5.25″ square, but you can easily change this to a more standard shape and size if you prefer. You can also try it in editing mode with both sharp and rounded corners, as both looks work well with this design! You can order your invites with or without white envelopes.

The front features your first names and a ‘save the date’ message in an elegant gold tone called California Gold(color A98F64) and conveyed with a striking blend of two distinct fonts, with ‘the’ in a light, flowing script between the rest of the message, which is in upper case with a bold, crisp formal look.

This design element is included on both sides of the card and can’t be altered, though you might choose to delete it on the back for an even simpler look.

And on the back you can of course in addition to replacing our sample info with your own, delete text fields that you don’t need, or change the wording, as well as change font, size and color. For example, you might change ‘are getting married’ to ‘are tying the knot’, etc. or delete our sample website details without replacing them with your own.

Or you might choose to include your last names as well your first names on the back.

On the back, we’ve chosen the same gold tone for your names that we used for the ‘Save the Date’ text on the front. When you edit the text to show your own names, you might prefer to change this color to black or another tone.

The front names text is standard black(color 000000), and on the back, in addition to the gold names text, we’ve used standard black along with a slightly softened black(color 1C1C1C) for your date details and location.

The default background color on both sides of this card is set as transparent, to let the paper color simply serve as the base tone. But you can edit this and change the look of one or both sides in this regard as well to suit your style.

Matte, the default paper type, has a soft warmth and understated elegance that works well with this minimalist design. But you might change this to semi-gloss, or one of zazzle’s Signature or Premium papers, which lend an added richness.

Customize these elegant minimalist wedding save the dates with zazzle’s intuitive editing tools and your inspiration and make them uniquely yours!