Simple Modern Wedding Photo Save the Date Card


This simple, chic photo wedding save the date flat card template features an elegant, minimalist, modern design. It’s part of our save the date cards collection on zazzle.

Are you looking for a downloadable save the date? In addition to the print option, this and our other save the date flat cards are now available as digital wedding invites, too!

On the front and back, you can change the font, size or color of any of the text. There are many different script fonts to choose from. Or you might want to change some text to gold or another color.

You might decide to spell out the name of the month in its entirety rather than the abbreviated format in our example.

On the back, change the font style and size to suit your taste. Try experimenting as well with the line breaks, changing the margins to create more or less empty space on each end.

We’ve made the back base color a hue called whitesmoke. It’s a bit different than white. The default text color is black. You can change the base and text color if you’d like.

You might prefer a simple plain white base for example, or colors for the base and text that go with any change in color you make to the text on the front.

Delete the sample text on back and choose to leave it blank if you prefer a minimalist look or want to devote the back entirely to handwritten notes. In any case, please remember to delete all of our sample text.

We hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with this photo save the date card template and make it uniquely yours with your favorite photo and your inspiration!

We also offer this design in a postcard format, and you can see it here.