Anchor Thank You Card Nautical Navy Blue


This unique custom nautical themed anchor thank you card template is perfect for thanking guests and well wishers for a variety of occasions including weddings, births, retirements, and other milestones. It’s part of our nautical wedding collection on zazzle.

It features a navy blue anchor and text in blue on a base that includes soft blue horizontal stripes.

The anchor isn’t uniformly colored, there are specks without color, which lends a warm, weathered look and handmade flavor that reminds us of a woodblock print or a wood carving.

On the back we’ve included some placeholder text in the same gold tone. You can include your name(s) at the end of your custom message, or leave them out in favor of signing it by hand. And of course if you prefer, you can make the back completely blank so that you can write your message entirely by hand. In any case, just please be sure to delete our placeholder text!

You can also change the background color on the back. We’ve simply made it transparent, so that the color of your paper will be the base color. But you might prefer to select a color. We have also selected a nicely textured paper called ‘linen’ that you can see more clearly if you use the zoom feature after you’re in our zazzle shop to view our sample card.

Of course you can also change the paper type, and you can edit the design to feature sharp corners instead of the rounded corners we’ve chosen.

Use the intuitive design tools and your inspiration to make this nautical anchor thank you card uniquely yours!

We also offer this design in a horizontal format, and you can see it here.