Square Wedding Photo Thank You Card


This simply stylish square wedding photo thank you card is 5.25″ x 5.25″ and features words of thanks above your favorite photo and your first names and date below it.

We’ve chosen a warm, modern script for ‘Thank You’ and added ‘for sharing our special day’ underneath, with that line separated by the the loop of the ‘Y’, enhancing its relaxed, intimate charm.

This message makes this card particularly well suited to expressing your thanks specifically to those who were able to attend your wedding party.

You can edit it to express a more general message of thanks, but the nature of the design might limit your options as far as appearance goes, depending on how long your desired message is and how the words can be arranged with the ‘Thank You’ above them.

The text is a very dark gray that is in fact mostly black. You can of course change this to any color that suits your style and your day, be it true black or another hue. You can also choose a different font for any or all of the text.

You might even want to change the thank you wording or other text to something completely different.

We’ve chosen a transparent background, which lets the color of the card simply serve as the base tone, but you can choose a color instead.

Similarly, on the back we’ve used the same very dark gray tone on a transparent base, and we’ve put some placeholder text there for you to delete and replace with your own message, with or without your names, if you want to sign by hand when you get the cards.

But you might also simply choose to delete our placeholder text and leave the back entirely blank so that you can write a message by hand on each card and sign your names.

In any case please do remember that there’s placeholder text on the back as well and to delete all of our sample/placeholder text on both sides of the card!

Use the intuitive design tools, your favorite photo and your inspiration to make this chic modern square wedding photo thank you card uniquely yours!