Rustic Wreath Save the Date Postcard w/ Photo


This simply elegant rustic wreath save the date postcard features your photo encircled by a watercolor wreath of soft greens on a base with the warm look of whitewashed wood.

On the front, some elements can be changed, while others cannot. The wreath and the whitewashed wood are positioned on top of the photo, and the wreath and the wood motif base cannot be changed. To replace our sample photo with your own, you’ll need to click on the ‘personalize’ editing mode to access and select the photo layer.

You can then experiment with positioning your photo with the arrow keys on your keyboard to see if it’s a good match for this circular design. Some photos work better with this than others. The ‘save the date’ script cannot be altered.

We’ve chosen a gold tone for this. When you replace the sample info below it with your names, date and wedding location, you can also try using different fonts, or font size or color if you prefer.

The ‘save the Date’ script on the back cannot be changed, but other text can be altered-you can change or delete it, and you can change the font type, size and color as well.

Use the design tools and your inspiration to customize this rustic wreath photo save the date postcard template and make it uniquely yours!