Simple Save the Date Postcard with Gold Typography


This simply chic wedding save the date postcard without photo features an elegant, minimalist, modern design. It’s part of our save the date postcards collection on zazzle.

The default paper type is matte, but you can easily change it to semi-gloss if you prefer. The front features your first names and a ‘save the date’ message in an elegant gold tone called California Gold and conveyed with a striking blend of two distinct fonts, with ‘the’ in a light, flowing script between the rest of the message, which is in upper case with a bold, crisp formal look.

This design element is included on both sides of the card(it’s black on the back) and can’t be altered, though you might choose to delete it on the back for an even simpler look.

And on the back you can of course in addition to replacing our sample info with your own, delete text fields that you don’t need, or change the wording, as well as change font, size and color. For example, you might change ‘ARE GETTING MARRIED’ to ‘ARE TYING THE KNOT’ or something else.

Or you might delete our sample website info without replacing it with your own, or replace it with an entirely different message.

The default background color on both sides of this postcard is set as transparent, to let the paper color simply serve as the base tone. But you can edit this and change the look of one or both sides in this regard as well to suit your style.

The default color for your names on front is black and the text on back is a mix of gray, black and a slightly softened black.

Customize this stylishly simple save the date postcard with zazzle’s intuitive editing tools and your inspiration and make it uniquely yours. And check our selection for an array of elegant modern wedding save the date invites, including one with this gold typography paired with your favorite photo!