Modern Minimalist Save the Date Postcard w/ Photo


This simple, stylish modern minimalist save the date postcard template features your names, date and wedding locale beneath your photo. It’s part of our simple save the date postcards collection on zazzle.

You might choose to change the font, punctuation or color used for various text elements of this design on the front and/or back.

For example, you might choose to give a certain color to your name text, or to delete something or change a text field entirely with a different message. On the back, you might decide to delete the lines for the addressee’s information if you prefer a more minimalist look, etc.

On the back we chose an atypical order for the information, putting the “Save the Date’ text after the “for the wedding of” text, which lends a path less traveled charm to it. You can alter this by changing the text in each of these text fields and entering by hand the part you want to place in the order you want to show it.

We chose a very light, pale orange hue for the background on the back, it’s a tone called Isabelline, to lend a soft warmth. You can easily change this by either picking one of the basic colors in the editing tools, entering another color number in place of ours if you have a specific hue in mind that you found in your research, or by looking at the color spectrum tool and choosing something by sight.

This invite is part of our simple chic photo wedding collection on zazzle. The default paper type is matte finish, but semi-gloss is also an option. It’s 4.25″ x 5.6″ which qualifies it for USPS postcard size, for easy and economical mailing.

We hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with this simply chic modern minimalist save the date postcard and make it uniquely yours with the intuitive design tools and your inspiration.