Custom Photo Wedding Save the Date Postcard


This simply chic custom photo wedding save the date postcard is one of our best selling design to date, and its success inspired us to create other items with a similar look, and we’ve made a wedding welcome poster and a thank you postcard in the same vein.

We wanted to make something simple and modern but also warm and somehow familiar.  So, along with a less is more approach to the information conveyed with the text, we left ample white space on each side. This, along with the photo’s size in relation to the rest of the card, evokes the flavor of a classic instant photo for some people.

This effect is rather subtle due to the more formal flair of the fonts we’ve chosen, which might be one of the reason’s for this postcard’s popularity.

People tend to focus on the front of a postcard like this when they’re choosing something to announce their special day, and for good reason.  But don’t neglect the back!  The elements we’ve chosen on the reverse side can be edited according to your needs.  You might, for example, decide to delete the lines we’ve added for writing the addressee’s details, if you’d like an even more minimalist look.

And you can also delete any of the text on the back, in favor of writing something by hand.  Since much of this text conveys the same details as the information on the front anyway, this is a great way to add your personal touch to your announcements.

This invite is part of our simple save the date postcards collection on zazzle. The default paper type is matte finish, but semi-gloss is also an option. It’s 4.25″ x 5.6″ which qualifies it for USPS postcard size, for easy and economical mailing.

Use zazzle’s intuitive design tools and your inspiration to make this custom photo wedding save the date postcard uniquely yours!

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