Gold Leaves Wedding Thank You Card w/ Photo


This chic gold leaves wedding thank you card features space for your photo and elegant leaves and main text in a golden hue, with handwriting script and space for your first names beneath it. The ‘Thank You’ text can’t be altered. But you can remove it from the back of the card if you prefer a more minimalist look.

You can also change or remove the other text fields on the back to suit your style.  Perhaps you’d prefer to substitute a different message of thanks, or delete the sample names without adding your own, in favor of signing your names on each card by hand.

For that matter, you might choose to delete all text on the back and leave it blank, so that you can write a message and sign it by hand. In any case, please do remember to delete all of our sample text.

Use the design tools and your favorite photo to customize this elegant gold leaves wedding thank you card and make it uniquely yours!