Hiragana Arigato Japanese Thank You Cards



These simply elegant hiragana arigato Japanese thank you cards feature a mizuhiki motif. Mizuhiki are traditional cords that are used in a variety of ways to celebrate auspicious occasions, including being used on special envelopes at such times.

These days it’s quite common in Japan to include a simple illustration of a mizuhiki rather than the cord itself, and we’ve taken a cue from this and incorporated an image of a stylish, understated mizuhiki in this design. Please not that this is simply a printed image, not an actual mizuhiki cord.

We’ve chosen rounded corners as the default shape of this card as they enhance the soft essence of this design and go well with the rounded shape of the bows in the illustration, but standard sharp corners also work wonderfully and give the card a crisp appearance, so try both looks in editing mode and see which appeals to you!

The Japanese text in hiragana characters reads as arigatou, which is the most often heard way to express thanks in Japan-a simple, familiar expression of appreciation. Sanae, half of our humble two-person design studio, was born and raised in Japan and she wrote these characters by hand with this card in mind and then scanned them for use here. This part of the design can’t be edited, as it’s an image. The characters are standard black, as is the text below it and on the back of the card.

We’ve added English below the Japanese script, with THANK YOU SO MUCH! in a simple, clean modern font. You might decide to edit this English text with a message to suit your own style, and you can change the font, too. For example, you might change it to ‘THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS’ for a slightly more formal feeling that resembles the spirit of common Japanese expressions of this type. Or you might decide to simply delete the English text without replacing it if you prefer just the Japanese characters on the front side.

We’ve set the background on both sides as transparent so that the color of the paper will simply serve as the base tone. You can change this on one or both sides by choosing a background color if you’d like.

On the back, we’ve added some placeholder text. You can change the text color if you prefer, and you might also choose to change the font. You can enter a personal expression of thanks after deleting our placeholder text on the back, or you might prefer to delete our text and leave the back blank so that you can later write your message by hand. Similarly, if you do decide to enter your own message, you might choose to add your name as well, or enter just your message without your name so that you can sign your name by hand after you receive your card.

The default paper type, matte, has a soft warmth to it and resists smudging, so it’s a great choice for writing your own message. You can edit this and choose semi-gloss or another paper type. Zazzle’s signature and premium papers are well worth considering, especially with a subtle design like this! In any case, please remember to delete our placeholder text.

Use the intuitive editing tools and your inspiration to make these hiragana arigato Japanese thank cards uniquely yours! And check our selection for a Japanese thank you card with a pretty cherry blossoms motif.