Simple Rustic Wedding RSVP Card



This simple rustic wedding RSVP card has a timeless, minimalist design coupled with the warm look of whitewashed wood as a base on the back, along with space for your first names. It all makes for a rustic charm with an understated elegance.

You can simply edit the card to replace our sample text on back with your own first names, along with the the date you’d like guests to respond by on the front. But don’t feel limited by our wording, you can edit any of the text to suit your style. You might choose to change ‘please respond….’ to ‘please reply……’ or ‘kindly reply…..’ for example.

You can also change the format of the ‘reply by’ date, as well as the date itself. You can use letters instead of numbers, change the order for a more formal feeling, etc. You can also change the accept/decline wording.

In any case, please do remember that text on both sides needs to be edited to show your own details, and don’t forget to delete the sample names and date!

Use the intuitive design tools and your inspiration to make this simple rustic wedding RSVP card uniquely yours!