Personalized Wedding Thank You Card w/ Photo


This simply chic personalized wedding thank you card template features ‘love and thanks’ and your first names, date and wedding location at the bottom of your photo. It’s part of our wedding thank you card collection on zazzle and the default size is 5″ x 7″.

We’ve chosen standard sharp corners as the default shape, but you can easily change that to rounded corners, as that look also works very well with this design. So check both styles and see which one grabs you!

We’ve added a semitransparent white layer on the bottom of the card that gives this card a unique flair. It allows the bottom of your photo to remain somewhat visible while at the same time ensuring that the text will stand out regardless of what photo you use. This lends a feeling of flow as well as a practical touch to the design that adds to its simple, contemporary charm and warmth.

In the same way, ‘love and thanks’ in black is in a relaxed, all lower case script that feels intimate and familiar. This ‘love and thanks’ element of the design can’t be altered. But you can change the color and font of any of the other text. Your names and details on the front are in black by default. You might want to delete our sample location without adding yours for an even simpler look. Or perhaps you’d prefer to add your last name as well, or use ‘Mr. and Mrs……’ instead.

On the back we’ve set the background as transparent to let the color of the paper simply serve as the base tone. You can change this by picking a color in the editing tools if you’d like. And we’ve picked black as the default color for the text on the back.

We’ve put some sample text on the back for you to replace with your own message as you see fit, but please don’t feel restricted by this. If you prefer delete our sample text entirely and keep the back totally blank so that you can write a handwritten note on each card instead, you can do that. Or you might want to replace our text with your own message of gratitude and your own closing and then hand sign your names when you receive the cards. You can also change the font.

The default paper type, matte, has a soft warmth to it and resists smudging, so it’s a great choice for writing your own message. You can edit this and choose semi-gloss or another paper type instead.

Just please be sure in any event to delete our sample/placeholder text on both sides of the card, and please remember to replace the placeholder photo on the front with your own.

Use the intuitive design tools, your favorite photo and your inspiration and make this personalized wedding thank you card uniquely yours.

And please browse our store for more simply elegant modern wedding thank you card motifs, including a similar design in a vertical format!