Rehearsal Dinner Poster with Photo


This simply chic photo wedding rehearsal dinner poster template features a simple chic, modern design. It’s part of our wedding welcome sign collection on zazzle.

You can change the font and color of the text to suit your taste. The default color for the ‘Welcome’ text is an elegant shade of burgundy and the other text is a slightly softened black. We’ve set the background as transparent to let the color of the paper simply serve as the base tone, but you can edit this and choose a color for the background if you prefer.

The welcome text is an elegant calligraphy script. The date format can be changed to suit your style.  For example, you might change it when you add your own date to include the name of the month spelled out, etc.

And you might decide to change the ‘to our wedding rehearsal dinner’ text to something else.

Make this elegant wedding rehearsal dinner welcome poster uniquely yours with zazzle’s intuitive design tools, your favorite photo and your inspiration.

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