Photo Wedding Thank You Magnet Card


This simply chic photo wedding thank you magnet card template features an elegant, minimalist, modern design. It’s part of our wedding thank you cards collection on zazzle.

It features your first names and date under your favorite photo and a ‘LOVE and THANKS’ message conveyed with a striking blend of two distinct fonts, with ‘and’ in a light, flowing script between the rest of the other two words, which are in upper case with a bold, crisp formal look.

The ‘LOVE and THANKS’ part of the design is in black and can’t be altered.

But we also offer a version of this magnet card separately with this text in an elegant gold tone, so please check that as well.

When you edit the text to show your own names and date, you might change the color of some or all of that text to gold or something else instead of the default black according to your taste.

The default size is 5″ x 7″ and you can order your magnetic cards with or without white envelopes.

Make this stylish modern photo wedding thank you magnet card uniquely yours with zazzle’s intuitive editing tools, your favorite picture and your inspiration!