Simple Elegant Wedding Invitation


This simple, elegant wedding invitation card has a timeless, minimalist design.  It’s part of our simple chic minimalist wedding invitation collection on zazzle.

The default setting for the text color is black. The base on the front of the card is set to simply be the color of the paper, as we have chosen to use a clear base with the sample text.

On the back however, there is a color chosen for the base. You can add a color of your choice to the front as the base, be it white or something else, and/or change the base color on the back, according to your taste.

You might want to make them both the same color of your choosing, or you might prefer a different base tone for each side. You can enter a specific color number, or simply pick a color by sight in editing mode.

The ampersand between your names on each side cannot be changed, but you can choose to remove it entirely-you might, for example, choose to delete all text on back in favor of a blank back, or a message of your choice.

Other than the ampersand, you can change the style, size or font of the text as well as delete or change any text to suit your needs. You’ll notice that this template uses American English, hence the spelling of ‘honor’, which of course can be easily changed.

Use the design tools and your inspiration to customize this simple, elegant wedding invitation template and make it uniquely yours!