Japanese Cherry Blossoms Wedding Invitation


This pretty cherry blossoms wedding invitation flat card template features your names in a lively modern script and Japanese sakura and it’s part of our sakura cherry blossoms wedding collection on zazzle.

It works wonderfully with Japanese weddings and more generally as a spring floral theme.

The names and the line of text at the bottom are in a very soft red and the other details are an elegant tone that has elements of gray and orange.

We have set the background as transparent, so that the color of the paper you choose will serve as the base.

On the back, we’ve added a simple soft pink tone that’s called sakura iro in Japan, literally cherry blossom color.

With the abundance of empty space on both sides that the design affords(such empty space is called ‘ma’ in Japanese), the texture of the paper has a chance to shine as well, and for that reason we have chosen ‘laid’ as the default paper.

Of course you can also change the background on the front from transparent to a color if you prefer, and you can change the color on the back as well.

You can also edit the style, color and size of the text to suit your taste.

We’ve chosen a lively, modern script for the names in our example, but there’s a wide selection of other fonts to choose from.

We have also chosen rounded corners, but you can change this to sharp corners if you’d like.

Create your own custom look with the intuitive design tools and your inspiration and make this cherry blossoms wedding invitation uniquely yours!

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