Pineapple Hawaiian Wedding Invitation


This custom pineapple Hawaiian wedding invitation flat card template features a pineapple with a watercolor look to it.

These colors are set, they can’t be altered. We have not set a base color for the front, so the default setting will simply use the color of the paper that you choose as the background. You can change this and choose a specific color for the base, if you’d like.

You can also change the style and color of any of the text. We chose a default setting of a rather loose, relaxed style of script for the names. But there are many other fonts in the editing tools including lots of different scripts, so please experiment and you’re bound to find a script or other font that suits your style.

We chose a shade of gold that’s sometimes called ‘Vegas gold’ for some of the text on the front, and a related gold tone for the base color on back. If you prefer a different color or colors, you can change this.

You might choose to delete the design we’ve used on the back and instead choose a solid color, perhaps the same gold we’ve used there, or a simple white, or another color that suits your taste.

Create your own custom look with the intuitive design tools and your inspiration and make this pineapple Hawaiian wedding invitation uniquely yours!

We also offer a save the date postcard with a similar pineapple motif, and you can find it here.