Wedding Save the Date Magnet w/ Photo


This elegant wedding save the date magnet card template features your names and details in black and your photo. It’s part of our save the date magnetic card collection on zazzle.

You might choose to change the font, punctuation or color used for various text elements of this design. For example, you might choose to give a certain color to the line of text that includes your names, or change the SAVE THE DATE text above that to SAVE OUR DATE or something different. You might choose to delete something or change a text field entirely with a different message.

The background is set as transparent to let the color of the magnetic card simply serve as the base tone, but you can edit this and choose a color if you prefer. Please do remember to delete all of our sample text as well as our sample photo and replace it with your own.

We hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with this simple modern wedding save the date magnet and make it uniquely yours with the intuitive design tools, your favorite photo and your inspiration.

We have this design in postcard and flat card formats in our shop as well as variations of this design along with a selection of other modern minimalist save the date cards, so please have a look!