Gold Love and Thanks Wedding Thank You Card


This simple, stylish modern photo gold love and thanks wedding thank you card template features and your names and date beneath your photo.

We’ve chosen rounded corners as the default shape, but you can easily change that to sharp corners, as that look also works very well with this design!

We’ve given this minimalist design a warm touch with ‘love and thanks’ in an elegant gold tone called California Gold in a relaxed, all lower case script that feels intimate and familiar. This element of the design can’t be altered. But you can change the color and font of any of the other text.

Your names on the front are in a slightly softened black by default. We chose a very light, pale orange hue for the background on the back, it’s a tone called Isabelline(color f4f0ec), to lend a soft warmth, and it goes well with the gold tone of ‘love and thanks’ on the other side. You can easily change this by either picking one of the basic colors in the editing tools, entering another color number in place of ours if you have a specific hue in mind that you found in your research, or by looking at the color spectrum tool and choosing something by sight.

You might decide to make the base transparent, to let the color of the paper simply serve as the background tone. We’ve picked a shade of gray as the default color for the text on the back. We’ve put some sample text on the back for you to replace with your own message as you see fit, but please don’t feel restricted by this. If you prefer delete our sample text entirely and keep the back totally blank so that you can write a handwritten note on each card instead, you can do that. Or you might want to replace our text with your own message of gratitude and your own closing and then hand sign your names when you receive the cards.

You can also change the font and you might change the case from the all upper case look we added. Just please be sure in any event to delete our sample/placeholder text on both sides of the card, and please remember to replace the placeholder photo on the front with your own. Use the intuitive design tools, your favorite photo and your inspiration and make it uniquely yours!

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