Dyeable Wedding Shoes: A Great Fit for Busy Brides!

Planning a wedding should be enjoyable, but can soon turn into one big headache. There are so many decisions to make and getting it wrong can be expensive. This is where dyeable wedding shoes come in.

Coordinating various elements can be especially challenging. What to do, for example, if you have chosen the dresses for yourself and your bridesmaids and can’t find any shoes to match? If you need something in a wide width, it could get even harder to find something that pleases you.

It starts to feel like putting pieces of a puzzle together that don’t quite fit. Soon, you’ve spent far more time on ‘the shoe question’ than you’d bargained for, and other important decisions are being neglected.

So how does the busy bride resolve all this? Dyeable wedding shoes could well be a great option.

Made of a special type of white satin fabric, they can be dyed to match the theme of your big day and are available to suit all styles and budgets.

The idea of dyeing shoes is a bit novel to many folks, to say the least. Especially when it comes to shoes for such a special occasion.

This short and informative instructional video made to teach staff at bridal boutiques how to dye wedding shoes should demystify things and give you a sense of how the professionals work their magic.

There are many advantages to this stylish and practical choice. Dyeable wedding shoes are:


Dyeable wedding shoes are ideal for one of the most important days of your life, when every detail has to be perfect.

For the traditional bride, they can be dyed to match any of the hundreds of shades of white and cream dresses that are available. For the less conventional they can be color matched to any fabric that you wish, so let your imagination run wild.

Either way, it’s your day so make it a reflection of your tastes. You might even let your future spouse have an opinion!             


Dyeable wedding shoes are now widely available. Ballet pumps, court shoes, pretty sandals and much more are all out there and can be customized to suit your wedding colors. You are sure to find something that will look gorgeous but can also be worn to dance the night away.

Take a sample of your fabric along to the store at least four weeks before your wedding date so that you will have time to check the quality of the color match. You want to give them plenty of time to get it right.


Dyeable wedding shoes come in a range of prices, from cheap to steep. You will find them in top end designer boutiques as well as big box stores and a variety of shops in between. And of course they can also easily be found online.

And when you consider the overall ‘cost performance’ of your bridal shoes, consider that you might well choose to wear them more than once!

When the big day is over they don’t have to be stored away never to be seen again. They can be dyed as many times as you need. Match them to your favorite cocktail dress or summer wedding guest outfit, and every time you wear them you will remember your special day.

They are an investment that can pay for themselves many times over, and the benefits go beyond the financial.
Shoe shopping for such a joyous occasion should be a fun day out for you and your friends, so consider dyeable wedding shoes when deciding on accessories for your wedding day.

And if your color of choice happens to be blue, our post about how to choose your perfect blue wedding shoes will give you more tips!

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