How to Choose Your Perfect Blue Wedding Shoes

You have the dress, the veil, and the lingerie; now the shoes. So, you want to find the perfect blue shoes for your wedding day.

Whether your shoes are being used for your “something blue” or to add a pop of color to your wedding dress, blue wedding shoes seem to be more popular than ever. If you keep a few important details in mind, you can hone in on those perfect blue wedding shoes with relatively little effort.

Shoe style

First of all, choose the style of shoe. Do you want a high heel? Or, would you rather pick a mid-sized heel for ease of walking and stability? Perhaps a great pair of flats would better suit your personality or comfort level. Any of these styles are acceptable choices, and this decision is an important one for the bride.

Comfort, of course, is basic and necessary, but you must also consider your walk and stride. Your wedding day will give you a unique opportunity to make what may be the most beautiful entrance and walk of your lifetime; take advantage of that and wear a type of shoe that you can walk in with grace and confidence.

What shade of blue is for you?

The next issue is color. You’ve chosen blue, now which shade of blue? Are you matching it with the shade that your bridal party is wearing?

If so, and the bridesmaid dresses have been purchased at a bridal store, that bridal shop may have that particular color available in certain styles of shoes. If your color varies from that of the bridal party make sure that the shade of blue that you pick works with the overall color palette of your wedding.

The bridal shop may be able to provide the service to dye your chosen shoes or, if your local bridal shop does not offer this service, you may be able to find a local dry cleaner that will do it. There are also several online shops that offer dye treatments for shoes.

Navy, pale blue, royal blue……..these hues are just the start, and you may well have something more specific in mind.

In fact, the dye option is often overlooked and it can save a lot of time and allow you to match a specific shade, regardless of what color you’re looking for. The benefits of dyeable wedding shoes are well worth knowing!

Lighting and shoes

Important considerations when choosing to dye your shoes are lighting and fabric texture. It is important to tell the person doing the dye work about the lighting that you plan for your big day. Will the wedding be outdoors in natural light, or will your venue be indoors with an artificial light source?

There are real differences to the way the colors will appear according to the light source. Be aware that different fabrics absorb color differently and that your shoes may not look exactly like the other objects you are trying to match. Offering a sample of the material or object you are trying to match could be very helpful.

Budget enough time for shoes

Now, don’t hesitate to get the shoes done. Give yourself as much time as possible as this is not a perfect science and you may need that extra bit of time. You’ll need it for such things as your blue bridal bouquet and other accents, no doubt!

A good guideline is to have your shoes picked out and ready to wear for the wedding within a few weeks of purchasing your wedding dress. Now, you’re ready for that first dress fitting!

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