Creative Wedding Flower Accent Ideas

Flowers are a big part of wedding decor, and every bride wants her floral arrangements to be special and memorable for her wedding party and guests.

These 14 creative wedding flower accent ideas will take your wedding decor to another level and add stunning details that are sure to delight everyone in attendance.

This is a diverse collection of possibilities, and even if something mentioned below doesn’t suit you to a T, it might just be the spark that leads you to an ‘aha!’ moment in your wedding planning adventure at some point soon after you finish reading!

Indoor tropical rainforest

This bold, dramatic look brings the outdoors into your ceremony space with huge floral arrangements as well as trees and even vines. Guests will feel like they’ve entered a magical, island garden when you surround them with greenery and tropical flowers.

Flowers in blocks of color

Choose several contrasting colors for your floral arrangements and then have them arranged in blocks. This can be done in individual floral displays like table centerpieces, or it can be on a larger scale with flowers placed down the aisle or as a backdrop to your ceremony.

Flowers as headpieces

Living hair accessories are a great choice for brides with a flair for a natural look. Flowers can be tucked into curls, worn as a headwrap, or used to decorate a veil.

Have your florist keep a stash of stems in water so you can freshen your flowers if they wilt during the festivities.

Living walls

Covering an entire wall with flowers and greenery creates a stunning view for guests. This kind of oversized arrangement is beautiful as a backdrop for pictures or to highlight your cake table.

Greenery can be full and soft or can trail down in romantic tendrils. You can also skip the greenery and just fill a wall with flower blossoms.

Pampas grass

Grasses were rarely seen at weddings in the past, but more brides are making this unusual choice to add a unique flair to ceremony and reception decorations.

Pampas grass is a tall plant with a puff of color at the top. It can be placed in vases along the aisle, around the room as a pretty detail, or it can even be used as a vertical centerpiece.

It is usually found in whites, purples, and pinks, making it the perfect option for a wedding.

Hanging garlands

Garlands of flowers are wonderful at a boho style wedding, and garlands of greenery make a beautiful addition to holiday bridal decor.

Hang garlands just about anywhere. They are perfect strung along the ceiling, winding around a stair railing, or draped on the backs of chairs. You can also add small stones or beads to your garlands for a touch of sparkle.

Mixtures of flowers and balloons

Balloons were once very popular at weddings, but over time they became a dated option. Now balloons are back to an extent but in a more sophisticated way.

Contemporary bridal balloons are often in soft shades, commonly pastels or metallics. They are typically used in arrangements that incorporate complementary flower arrangements rather than in bunches all by themselves.

Plants in wooden boxes

Don’t overlook planted flowers, especially when it comes to a wedding that celebrates nature. You can put plants in any type of container from whimsical to elegant, but a typical style is to arrange them in boxes full of dirt. Use large plants as focal pieces and smaller plants as accents on tables.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers are back in style for weddings, and they are particularly pretty at a vintage wedding among lacey dresses and decor.

Tie bunches of dried flowers together and hang them on the walls, or arrange dried flowers tied with twine as centerpieces. A bouquet of dried flowers looks amazing with a strand of pearls woven throughout.

Oversized floral chandelier

Decor that hangs dramatically down from the ceiling is popular at modern weddings, and a chandelier completely covered in flowers is absolutely breathtaking. Incorporate lights or crystals as romantic details to set the mood.

One single flower type

As a contrast to huge floral arrangements, some brides look for simplicity when it comes to wedding flowers. Choosing just one type of flower for the entire evening can be an elegant and beautiful statement.

The bride might carry a bouquet of red roses while each bridesmaid carries a single white rose. If you’re considering a simple, minimalist wedding ceremony, when it comes to how many different varieties of flowers you choose, less is often more!

Backdrop of dripping petals

Creating a backdrop for your ceremony is the perfect way to get fantastic pictures and bring your guests’ focus to the vows.

One way to use flowers as a backdrop is to string petals and hang them, so they look like they are showering down behind you. This can be set against a fabric covered wall or hanging from a structure on the ceiling or archway.

Floral armbands

A beautiful way to use flowers in your attire is to create floral armbands. This can take your boho wedding gown to the next level and is especially eye-catching when matching bands are placed on each bridesmaid.

Moon gates of flowers

A moon gate is a round structure that is typically made of stone. It is traditional for lovers to stand under a moon gate in places like Bermuda. The notion originally came from China hundreds of years ago.

You can have your florist create a moon gate of flowers that will bring magic to your ceremony as you stand underneath to say your vows. You don’t need to adhere to any particular tradition in this regard, you can use it for inspiration.

Because flowers represent beauty and romance, they are almost always included as part of a wedding. But it’s easy to miss chances to use flowers in ways that can surprise and delight your guests. We’ve mentioned just a small number of ways that flowers and other natural elements can add to your special day.

Take out a pen and paper or sit at your keyboard and let yourself just brainstorm, with a license to be free to just explore the possibilities.

Have fun incorporating flowers into your big day in a memorable way with these wedding flower accent ideas and let your imagination and inspiration lead you to the look that’s just right for the both of you!

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