5 Classic and Stylish Groomsmen Gift Ideas

It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing gifts for your groomsmen. In this modern world of e-commerce where we’re deluged by choices about everything imaginable including myriad gifts for every occasion, this in itself is not surprising.

But the process of deciding what to give your groomsmen can sometimes be especially challenging for reasons having more to do with the nature of the occasion and your relationships with your groomsmen than with the burden of too much choice.

Just as your groomsmen have accepted their special role on your wedding day with pleasure, humility, good humor and a sense of responsibility, it’s natural and right that you both want to acknowledge them and what they mean to you with a gift that shows thought and caring.

‘It’s the thought that counts’ only goes so far in easing the self-imposed weight of choosing the ‘perfect’ gift, of course. That said, it does help to see that your groomsmen already likely consider themselves to be the recipients of a special gift, in that they were asked to play such a special role on a day that carries such meaning.

And bearing witness to your happiness and your spontaneous expressions of love and thanks on your wedding day and the days leading up to it has almost certainly been its own reward.

So now that some of the pressure has been lifted, it’s easier to consider the gift giving options. And the good news is that when it comes to gifts for this occasion, there are some classic, stylish choices that narrow down the range of possibilities nicely while still leaving lots of room for making a very personalized proclamation of your feelings.

A good gift to give a groomsman is something compact, useful, of high-quality, but not flashy or ostentatious.

It should be something that stands the test of time, just like your friendship. Not just in being well made, but in wearing well in terms of its styling, so that as years go by it won’t come to be seen as dated, of a moment in time when there was an ‘it’ item that inevitably fell out of favor.

The following classic gift ideas are all stylish and affordable, and will show how much you value your groomsmen’s commitment to making your big day such a special event. And they’ll do it in a way that will make it more likely that the recipients will treasure and use them for many years to come!

Engraved Hip Flask

This classic gift for your groomsmen is something every man will cherish. A high-quality hip flask shows good taste and can combine modern design with a traditional feel. The perfect gift, a hip flask offers something practical and beautiful to express your gratitude. 

For an extra flourish, personalize the flask by getting it engraved. Your choice of engraving could be a monogram, a line of thanks, a meaningful quotation, or the groomsman’s name.

Many offers include engraving included in the price, like this set of 6 stainless steel personalized hip flasks. It includes the option of adding flask funnels and/or gift boxes, which can make the whole process much easier once you get rolling.

It’s easy to overlook adding a funnel. But as you can imagine, its small size belies its utility when it comes time to fill the flask!

After thanking you when you present them with this gift, your groomsmen will almost surely thank you again for your forethought after they have a chance to put this to good use, without wasting any precious drops, either!

If the idea of such a gift box appeals to you, you can also explore embellishments like shot glasses and the like. But a simple flask and funnel gift set could likely be just the thing, a stellar combination of presentation, utility and customization.

Whiskey Decanter

With the same stylish appeal as a hip flask, but something which will perhaps have a more visible presence in the home, a crystal whiskey decanter is an elegant gift for your groomsmen.

Decanters are available in a wide range of styles and shapes, so you can choose one to suit the personality and tastes of an individual. As with the hip flask, the finishing touch is an engraving, a stylish flourish which shows your thoughtfulness, making this a gift he’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Quality Ties

A well-chosen tie makes an excellent gift. Pure silk is the fabric of choice. Choose a design which reflects the style and personality of the recipient. 

There are endless possibilities here to tailor your selection to the personality, style and interests of each groomsman. Just search using keywords that occur to you based on interests, favorite colors, patterns, etc. and you’ll be surprised by what pops up for your consideration.

Personal Grooming Combo

One thing all men have in common is facial hair. Whether your groomsman shaves clean and smooth, favors rugged-looking stubble, or sports a full hipster beard, a personal grooming combo and shaving kit is an unusual choice of gift.

Combined with either aftershave or scented beard oil, it’s an unique, stylish, and useful gift which your groomsmen will appreciated every day.

Personalized Visiting Card Case

A silver card case is a classic gift with enduring appeal. Whether for business or personal use, an engraved case is an attractive and useful gift which your friends will treasure. A nice touch is to include a printed thank you card inside to show your appreciation. Make each one personal to the individual groomsman.

Your groomsmen are your dearest friends and allies who have shown you unwavering support throughout your life. Now they stand by you as you embark on a major life change.

They’ll have worked hard for your happiness on this day and contributed significantly to your life’s journey, bringing you to the happy day you are about to celebrate.

They deserve more than a token gesture. Any of the five classic, stylish gift ideas described above will show how much you value and appreciate their friendship.

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