Picture Frame Wedding Favors: Ideas and Tips

Choosing a unique wedding favor that hasn’t been overdone can be a challenge for most brides and grooms.

Small, inexpensive picture frames are ideal for creating something unique to the special event. They are easy to personalize without putting the wedding budget into the red zone.

Place Cards

Instead of having separate place cards and favors, combine the two and frame your guests’ names in small picture frames that they can take home and use later. This solves the problem of clutter and running out of valuable table space.

If you have a specific seating arrangement, you may place the frames on the tables before the reception.

Another option is to number the tables, put each guest’s name and number in the frame, and have someone hand them out at the door.

Old Memories

This option will take some advance preparation, so it will work best for a smaller, more intimate wedding and reception.

Go through your old snapshots and find one of the bride or groom with the guest and make a print to put into each picture frame.

Place them on the tables at the reception and let each guest look for his or her picture.

Not only will everyone enjoy the old memories, you’ll have some great conversation starters!

Wedding Snapshots

You’ll need an instant camera and enough film to take individual pictures of all your guests for quick wedding snapshots.

As guests walk into the reception, snap a shot of them with the bride and groom. Have a person stationed at the end of the reception line to insert the instant pictures into frames.

Your guests will have wedding favors that they’ll cherish and keep.

Personalized Picture Frames

If you want to personalize the picture frames and have a little extra room in your budget, you may hire an engraver to etch your guests’ names on each one.

You may save money and space on the frame by having only their initials engraved.

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