Bridal Shawls and Jackets for Winter Weddings

Dare I say that bridal shawls and jackets for winters weddings are a hot topic? Bad puns aside, if you’re getting married at a chilly time of year, chances are you’ll need something warm to wrap up in at some point.

Posing for outdoor photos, for instance, could be a challenge in ways you might not anticipate without some thought. You could even feel cold indoors, so add a shawl, cape or jacket to your wedding attire to slip on as needed. Here’s a quick guide to style choices.

Short and chunky

A neat little shrug or bolero will keep the chill off your shoulders and chest. You’ll find a range of these simple wraps at affordable prices, including fluffy, chunky ones in faux fur that offer an attractive contrast to a tapering dress. Choose between soft hues, vibrant colors and snow-ball white. For a slender alternative, try a cut-away, satin bolero or a stretchy, cotton lycra shrug.


Prevent shivers and chattering teeth by wrapping up from top to toe. A full-length cloak with deep, swirly folds will look splendid over your wedding gown. Some designs include a hood, fastening under the chin, others tying or buttoning at the waist or having no fastening.  Fabrics vary, with faux fur and fluffy hems trending. You’ll also find elegant, button-up jackets with collars in the wedding catalogs.

Light and floaty

If you’re not expecting to get seriously cold, you might prefer a lighter covering. Silky scarves and shawls make beautiful arm warmers and come in all sorts of shimmering shades, such as champagne, eggshell blue and silver gray, as well as rich, warm colors like plum and honey. Fabrics vary from merino wool and cashmere to fine silk and lace.  For a little more protection from the cool air, consider a thin, floaty jacket, perhaps in elasticated lace, cotton or crocheted wool.


Prices vary widely, but some of the shorter garments cost no more than a coffee shop lunch, if that, especially those in the cheaper fabrics. Faux fur is a great deal cheaper than real fur, for instance, and a feathery feel can be produced without real feathers. Shop around for affordable prices and best buys in the style of your choice, checking out discount offers and second-hand options, too.

More dressing tricks and accessories for keeping warm

  • Wear a warm dress. Choose a long-sleeved dress in a warm fabric, perhaps with a substantial lining or multiple under-layers. Lace, netting or beading over the top will conceal thickness beneath. Some designs include a light extension above the neckline, gathered in prettily at the throat, while others provide a rising neckline, covering the nape of the neck and shoulders. A substantial veil will keep breezes off your back, and thick tights or leggings will insulate your legs and hips.
  • Wear gloves.  Slender, white gloves with tapered fingers will look beautiful and will keep your fingers warm and flexible for signing your name in the wedding register and cutting that first slice of cake. A fluffy muff is another stylish option. Browse the beautiful color options.

With your bridal shawl or jacket and other winter weather preparations all in place, you can relax and enjoy your day to the full. As for your fianc√©, you’ll just have to hope he’s thought of the weather, too.

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