Setting up a Candy Buffet at Your Wedding

Setting up a candy buffet at your wedding or special event is a sweet way to treat your guests. A candy buffet can serve several purposes—as decorative centerpieces, favors and as dessert.

If you are interested in setting up a candy buffet at your wedding, keeping the following things in mind will help guide you.

Pick a candy buffet theme or color scheme

The first step in creating your candy buffet is to decide on a color scheme or theme.

Your color scheme can match your wedding’s theme or the season. For a fall wedding, for example, go for orange, green and chocolate candy. If you are having a summer wedding, orange, blue and yellow candy will really pop.

Choose your candy

Here’s the fun part. Remember being a kid in a candy shop? Now you get to do it all over again, in larger quantities than you ever even let yourself consider buying before!

These are the basic types of candy that you’ll use in your buffet:

  • Loose Candy
    This candy is sold in bulk, often by the pound. Loose candy can include gumballs, swizzle sticks, rock candy, sour balls, candy corn and jelly beans
  • Individually Wrapped Candy
    Popular candies include butter mints, small chocolates, peppermints and lollipops

And although a candy buffet or bar implies that it will be stocked with nothing but candy, don’t let yourself be limited by such notions.

It is after all your day, and when it comes to things like this, there are no rules! Who’s to say, for example, that you can’t make your candy buffet a snack buffet that includes prepackaged salty/savory snacks?

And for that matter, if you have a certain interest and feel that your guests will enjoy going with that flow, you should at least consider indulging that, at least on some level.

For example, if you have an affinity for something rather esoteric like dagashi Japanese snacks, then you might choose to include some of these, as a reflection of your personality and interests.

The best place to get your candy is at a wholesale candy supply company. You can order wholesale wedding rock candy, specialty sweets and chocolates for your display table.

Select your containers

Your containers are the most important part of the display. These are the first things your guests will see.

Make sure to use clear jars and containers to make everything visible. If you are using boxes, wrap them in decorative paper to make them both functional and ornamental.

How much candy should you buy?

One of the most common questions that brides ask when planning a candy buffet is how much candy to buy. There are some general guidelines that most candy wholesalers will recommend that will help you to plan your buffet.

Figure in:

-Eight ounces of candy per guest
-Two pieces of wrapped candy per guest
-Five pounds of bulk candy for every 10 guests

It is always a good idea to have extra candy on hand to avoid running out of candy midway through your event. You can also make up small goodie bags for your guests to take home and enjoy later.

Another important consideration when ordering candy is to give proper consideration to how your candy buffet will look. You might decide that the amount that will suffice as far as your guests’ appetites go is not enough to make for an attractive display.

This is where display candy comes in! This is extra candy that will be used for decoration. Use it to make your jars or other containers look fuller. Depending on the role you’d like your candy buffet to play in your special day, you might decide to purposefully order significantly more candy than you’ll actually need in order to create the look that you have in mind.

This of course could well necessitate finding good homes for the extra candy in the days or even weeks after your wedding day, but it will be a very pleasant task, as far as tasks go!

Don’t forget the scoops

Your guests will need a way to scoop up your delicious treats. Purchase scoops and bags so that your guests can easily take the candy and carry it with them. You can find decorative scoops and bags that match the theme of your candy buffet.

Planning a candy buffet for your wedding can be a tasty way to delight your guests on various levels. Use your buffet as decoration, dessert and as take home favors. Find the best candy, displays and accessories to create a candy buffet your guests will never forget!

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