Baby Photo Announcement Postcards


These simply charming baby photo announcement postcards feature a contemporary design that’s easily customized with your baby’s photo, details and your message.They’re part of our modern birth announcement cards collection on zazzle.

Along with the full photo format, we’ve made ‘welcome’ the focus, presented in lower case a modern script that’s at once tidy and legible but also expressive, warm and familiar. The ‘welcome’ script and the other text on the card’s front is a crisp white.

You can change the color and font of this or any other text according to your own taste, and we invite you to play with these elements. For example, you might change the ‘welcome’ part of the design to something else, such as ‘introducing’ or ‘hello, world!’ etc. And you can always change the size of the text if your own version is too long to fit the space

If you prefer a more minimalist look, you can delete without replacing any of our sample stats-you might not want to include the time of day or length, for example.

We’ve set the background on the back as transparent, to let the color of your paper simply serve as the base tone. You can change this by choosing a color instead, be it a soft blue or pink or anything else.

On back, we’ve added some placeholder text for you to replace with your own message. You can change the font and/or the text color as well. The default text color on the back is a gray tone.

After you delete our placeholder text, you might decide to simply leave the back message part of the card entirely blank, so that you can add a handwritten message with your signatures after you receive your cards.

Or you might enter a message and then sign the cards by hand after you receive them, rather than entering your names when you edit the other text.

In any case, please do remember to remove all of the placeholder text on the back including the sample return address, placeholder text and sample names as well as the sample details and photo on the front!

The default paper type, matte, has a soft warmth to it and resists smudging, so it’s a great choice for writing your own message. But you can easily change it to semi-gloss if you prefer.

Use zazzle’s intuitive design tools, your favorite photo and your inspiration to personalize these custom baby photo announcement postcards and make them uniquely yours. And check our store for magnet and flat card versions of this design!