Kraft Paper Love and Thanks Wedding Thank You Card


This simply chic kraft paper love and thanks wedding thank you card features your first names in a whimsical font. We offer another simple rustic kraft paper thank you card design in a horizontal format here.

The default shape is rounded corners, but you can change the shape to sharp corners or something else to suit your style.

You can change any of the text on either side to suit your style. You might choose a color other than the default gray that we’ve chosen for both sides. Or you might prefer another font for your names or other text, for example.

We’ve chosen earth tone kraft paper to enhance the simple rustic charm of this design, but you can choose another paper for a different look, so please experiment!

On back, we’ve added some placeholder text for you to replace with your own message. After you delete our placeholder text, you might decide to simply leave the back blank, so that you can add a handwritten message with your signatures. In any case, please do remember to remove all of the sample/placeholder text on both sides of the card!

Use the intuitive design tools and your inspiration to personalize this custom kraft paper love and thanks wedding thank you card, and please check our wedding thank you card collection on zazzle for more stylish designs!