Simple Rustic Love and Thanks Wedding Thank You Card


This simple rustic love and thanks card features a chic modern script. It works wonderfully as a wedding thank you card and also as an expression of gratitude for other occasions, too, and we also offer it on a stylish white paper.

This ‘love and thanks’ element of the design cannot be altered. You can change the color or font or size of any of the other text. We’ve chosen black as the default setting for all of the text on both sides.

We’ve put some placeholder text on the back for you to replace with your message. But please don’t feel restricted by this. If you prefer to make the back blank so that you can write a handwritten note on each card instead, you can do that. Just please be sure in any case to delete our sample/placeholder text on both sides!

We have not picked a default color for the background on either side. Instead, the default is set to simply be the paper itself as a base color. And we have chosen kraft paper as the default paper type in order to enhance this design’s earthy, rustic flair. You can of course change the paper type if you prefer a different look.

We’ve chosen rounded edges to show here, but you can change this to sharp corners or perhaps another shape according to your taste.

We hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with various aspects of this stylishly simple rustic love and thanks wedding thank you card’s appearance and make it uniquely yours with zazzle’s intuitive design tools and your inspiration! And please check our wedding thank you card collection on zazzle to see this and other simply chic designs, including this design in gold and with ‘thank you’ on the front.