5 Ways to Rock the Color trend in Wedding Gowns

The white gown will always be a bridal tradition. In fact, there was a time not so long ago when it was tough to find a wedding dress in any color other than white or ivory.

Many of today’s brides are rejecting the white wedding gown and embracing color. This trend appeals to all kinds of brides because you can go bold or subtle, depending on your style and preferences.

Here are five great ways you can take advantage of this terrific trend.

Pale Pastels

You can still look bridal in a colored gown when you choose a soft, romantic shade. Search for dresses in baby blue, blush pink, or lavender.

Some of these colors are so light that you hardly notice the tone at all. Your dress may appear white in candlelight, for example, but will reveal the palest pink hue out in the sun.


What is ombre? An ombre pattern fades in shades from one color to another or takes one color from dark to light. This pattern can be as bright or as understated as you like, and it can include the whole gown or just the skirt.

Fun, sweet ombre color patterns have invaded the bridal world in everything from stationary to tablecloths.

If you don’t want too much color, you can find ombre pattern dresses in shades of champagne or ivory. These gowns have a very romantic, traditional style but incorporate a barely noticeable color scheme.

Bold Details

You can use an intense, dark color like red, emerald, or teal while maintaining a bridal style. Many modern gowns have coordinating details like a sash or a panel in the back of the dress that brings focus to a gorgeous color.

You can also include a dark color underneath the skirt or in a pattern on the bodice.


Floral patterns are a significant trend in the bridal industry, and that includes wedding gowns. Choose a, ultra-pale pink-on-white pattern on the whole dress, or opt for a dress with a multitude of colorful flowers decorating the skirt.

Floral patterns can also be textured, creating a unique, touchable look. You will also see florals that include large, 3D style blossoms to accentuate the skirt of the gown.


Metallic colors are everywhere, and you’re sure to see them shine over the next several wedding seasons. Make metallic your own with a shimmery dress in a metal-inspired color like silver, gold, copper, or bronze.

Choose a vintage lace gown in a pale copper, or be glamorous in shining silver. Gold or rose gold details are stunning on a white or ivory dress. Whether you use a metallic as an all-over color or in the details, this trend will have you glowing when you walk down the aisle.

Modern brides no longer have to shun color, so use this wonderful trend to find a gown that celebrates your style and fits perfectly into your bridal vision.

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