Halloween Wedding Ideas-From Stylish to Scary!

What’s the most popular holiday for kids and adults alike? It just might be Halloween. Many people love Halloween, so it makes sense that brides and grooms would incorporate the holiday into a wedding theme.

Because most of us have such strong associations with this day, once you start thinking about Halloween wedding ideas, it’s likely that you’ll have plenty of possibilities to consider in no time.

Your Halloween themed wedding doesn’t have to be like walking through a haunted house, although it can be if that’s what you want. Whether you are looking for a few spooky details or want to take your guests on a Halloween adventure, here are some options to consider.


Orange and Black

Simply combining orange and black will quickly bring Halloween flair to your wedding ceremony. Choose just one shade of orange that you love, and use it as an accent on floral arrangement, wedding party dresses or your cake.


Using black as your only wedding color is a spooky and sophisticated way to give a nod to Halloween. Keep it elegant by adding some silver for accents, or have fun with a variety of black fabrics like velvet and lace.

Red-Orange and Brown

Fall colors will suggest the Halloween season without overwhelming your wedding with the holiday. Dress your bridesmaids like a cascade of falling leaves, and use ribbons as accents on tables.


Take a page from Halloween itself, and dress up your ceremony space to reflect anything you want it to be.

Elegant Gothic

Turn your wedding reception into a Gothic dinner party by using ornate stemware and silver, formal place settings. Incorporate lots of candles placed in candlesticks of various lengths, and keep the lighting subtle.

This can be stunning in an old church or other vintage building.

Autumn Decor

Fall is a beautiful time of year, and the symbols of autumn can be beautifully romantic at a wedding. Find big, round pumpkins to stack near bales of hay. Serve appetizers or drinks in canning jars, and fill your space with sunflowers and mums.

Make a table decoration with a carved pumpkin, and give guests glittery stick masks to remind them of Halloween.


If a Halloween wedding is your dream, turn the whole space into a haunted house. Keep the lighting as low as possible and hang cobwebs in every corner. Place a coffin at the front door with a sign that states you are together until death, or even after.

Place skeletons strategically around the room, posed as party guests. Even hire actors or ask friends to provide jump startles to guests as they enter the ceremony. Leave the reception in a hearse.


Bright and Beautiful

Fall is full of amazing color. Choose huge blooms in orange, red and yellow to create show-stopping centerpieces and bouquets for your autumn wedding.

Blood Red Roses

Your elegant, Halloween-themed wedding calls for the romance of roses.

Roses do come in a shade that is almost black, but you can also make a dramatic statement with a bouquet of dark, red roses.

Dried Blooms

If the theme is Halloween, then you might want the flowers to be withered. Carry a bouquet of dried roses, and place dried bunches throughout your decor. Give groomsmen a single dried flower to pin to their pockets.



For an elegant wedding with Halloween undertones, dress everyone in black. The bridesmaids can wear some version of a little black dress, and groomsmen can wear black suits.

The bride can wear black as well or opt for a white gown with a black sash or belt.


You can give a Halloween tone to traditional clothing by choosing colors that relate to the season. Pick a pretty shade of orange for your bridesmaids, and dress groomsmen in brown with accents of the orange color. Dark purples are also pretty that time of year and suggest Halloween.

The bride can wear a traditional white gown or something with an autumn hue. An ivory gown looks lovely with rust-orange accents.


The ultimate Halloween wedding will have everyone in costume. You can let everyone wear a costume of choice, or you can keep things more organized by creating a cohesive group. You might have a coven of witches as bridesmaids or groomsmen who are vampires.

You can also dress everyone in traditional wedding attire and then turn them into zombies with great makeup.

Let your guests in on the fun by suggesting they arrive to the wedding in costume or as zombies.


Fresh and Seasonal

Many delicious foods are in season during autumn, and it’s fun to plan a menu around those items. Consider pumpkin soup or grilled squash with baked apples. Serve turkey with a wild mushroom sauce or a comforting meal of cabbage and ham.

Fun Food

Take your Halloween theme to the next level by incorporating crazy snacks with a Halloween influence. Find a caterer with a great imagination, or search the internet for ideas you can make yourself.

Hot dogs wrapped in bread sticks can easily be made into mummies, and a sour cream topped with black olives will add eyes to your tacos.

Use food dye to turn pasta into worms, and pipe cream cheese spider webs across the top of soup.

Create an amazing buffet by serving food inside carved watermelons and pumpkins or placing fresh veggies in and around a skeleton.


Candy is a central focus of Halloween, so don’t forget about it. Set up a large candy bar with candy bars and other treats, and let guests fill their own trick-or-treat bags.

Serving freshly made donuts is a wonderful way to end the evening.

You can make your dream Halloween wedding a reality. Decide if you want to subtly incorporate the holiday into a traditional, autumn wedding or if you want your big event to scream Halloween.

Determine if your goal is to throw a huge, haunted party or if you want your wedding to be more sophisticated.

Once you’ve decided on the big picture for your Halloween nuptials, the gory details will fall into place.

The very process of hatching Halloween wedding ideas should be filled with fun, and is certain to get you both in the mood for what’s to come!

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